All Channels List Of Satellite Paksat-1R By Different Categories

Paksat channel list 2020
Paksat channel list 2020

Latest Channels List

All Channels List Of Satellite Paksat-1R By Different Categories

Entertainment Channel List

1:Hum TV
2:Express TV
3:Hum Mena
4:Hum Sitaray
5:A-Plus Pakistan
6:TV One Global
7:PTV Home
8:PTV Global
9:Aaj Entertainment
10:Play Entertainment
12:A1 Television
13:See TV
14:Apna Channel
15:LTN Family
16:Geo TV
17:Geo Kahani
18:KTN Entertainment
19:Sindh TV
20:Geo Me

Music Channels

3: Kashish
4: Soft Box
5: Oxygene

Movies Channels

2: Filmworld
3: Filmazia Global

Cartoon channels
1:POP Pakistan
2: Champion TV

Sports Channels

1:PTV Sports

News Channels

1:92 News
2:Geo News
3:Samaa News
4:Dunya News
5:Express News
7:Lahore News
8:Hum News
9:24 News
10:City 42
11:City 41
12:Rohi News
13:Lahore Rung
14:Masriq News
15:Indus News
16:Public News
17:Abb Tak
18:PTV News
19:UK 44
20:Awaz News
21:News One
22:Roze News
23:K21 News
24:Vsh News
25:Such News
26:Aaj News
27:Sindh News
28: Khyber News
29:KTN News
30: Channel Five
32:Time News
33:Metro 1 News
34:Dawn News
35:PTV World
36:TV Today

Educational Channels

1: Teleschool
2: VTV 1
3: VTV 2
4: VTV 3
5:VTV 4

Religion Channels

1:Madani Channel
2:Quran TV
3:Noor TV

Other Channels

1:Waseb TV
2:AVT Khyber
4:Dharti TV
5:Mehran TV
6:AJK Television
7:PTV Bolan
8:PTV National
9:Dunya International
10:Dunya Entertainment
11: Khyber Me

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