Events that center around a specific culture are a fantastic way to not only provide entertainment, but educate people who may not otherwise experience that culture. Such events of Ethnic Bands can highlight a culture’s décor, traditions, and food. One of the cornerstones of a cultural celebration is the music. You may be looking for a mariachi band or Italian singers to liven up the day, and here is how to find them.

Look Locally First about Ethnic Bands

You may not think the type of musical entertainment you’re looking for exists in your community, but you will be surprised at what you can find.

Check out entertainment schedules for local venues or do a quick internet search to see who fits the bill.

Attend a Show

If there is an act close to you that you’re interested in, make the time to go out and see them perform. Experiencing an act firsthand is the perfect way to feel out if they are right for your event.

Ask the Venue

Odds are, you are hosting the event at a venue that deals with live entertainment. Ask the venue coordinator if they have any suggestions as to who might be a good fit.

Expand Your Search

If you find nothing locally, look regionally next, then nationally.

Be mindful that acts that are farther away will require a higher fee due to travel.

Reach Out

You should be able to find the most efficient way to do this on the band’s website or social media.

Sometimes a band may have a booking agent, while other times it will be a direct line of communication.

Clearly outline what you are looking for in your request, as clear and concise queries are more likely to get a response. Ask what the band’s fee is so you can open up negotiations if they are needed.

Be mindful that agents often quote a higher fee to help cover commission.

Remember that you can offer food, drink, travel, and stay accommodations as part of your negotiations.

And Do It Soon!

Do not wait until the last minute to book a band. Bands book out months, sometimes years, in advance.

Get The Facts, and a Contract

Prepare a contract for signing with the band that includes the event date, time, location, how long they will play for, what is expected of them, what is expected of you and the venue, and clauses that protect both you and the band in the event of a cancellation.

Questions you can ask to better inform the contract may be: Will someone in the band act as an MC for the event? What does a typical setlist look like? What type of outfits do you wear to perform? What do you need in the way of stage setup and tech?

See If They Have Other Recommendations

Perhaps most of your cultural events are booked, but you are missing a food vendor or other type of artist.

Since the band you are hiring specializes in this culture, they may be able to provide recommendations within their network of folks who also specialize in the culture.