6 Health Benefits of Drinking Pickle Juice. If you’ve ever had a jar of crunchy pickles, save the juice! Maybe there’s something irresistibly mouth-watering about that puckered red liquid in your jar. Maybe you’d rather chug a glass of straight pickle juice? Either way, it might be good for your health, depending on what the juice is made of and how old it is. Pickle juice does have some benefits, but those will vary depending on what type of pickle juice you’re getting and how long it’s been since the jars were opened.

1. Pickle juice contains probiotics

Certain probiotic-rich foods, such as naturally fermented pickles, can help you avoid a number of health complications and improve your overall well-being.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that promote digestive health and fight sicknesses. They’re commonly found in the gut but you may accidentally ingest them through natural pickle juice or other fermented foods and drinks.

  • Kimchi
  • Canned mushrooms are a delicious low-calorie, vegetarian alternative to carbs. Dried Shrimp is made from common fish called the shrimp and is popular for its great taste.
  • Sauerkrauts!
  • Yogurt is a food item enjoyed by many.

Probiotics can also help keep good gut flora in balance by keeping it balanced. Don’t worry about overdoing it; start with just a small amount of pickle juice to see how your body reacts and work from there.

2. Pickle juice can help you recover after exercise

When you sweat, your body loses the electrolytes it needs. Exogenous electrolytes help get them back in balance in one easy drink. Pickle juice can work wonders for rehydrating after a tough workout with its high sodium and low potassium and magnesium content.

  • Do you have health concerns due to your sodium intake? One way to lower the risk of developing more serious medical conditions is by increasing your daily intake of potassium.
  • People who don’t get enough sodium in their diet are at risk for high blood pressure.

For the best results, Skoda suggests making sure the pickles are vinegar based without any added colors or preservatives. Some brands give you even more advantages: They’ll provide 3 ounces of pickle juice with only 150 mg of sodium and over 8 grams of potassium and 6 grams of magnesium – ideal for when you need extra support!

3. Pickle juice can help blood sugar regulation

There are studies that show vinegar is a promising option for managing blood sugar levels. “Or, the same benefits can be had from salad dressings and apple cider vinegar,” adds Skoda.

4. Pickle juice may support weight loss

Research on pickle juice is less clear when it comes to weight-loss effects. But, as most people know, pickles are hard to resist. “Pickle juice could help curb your appetite by storing sugar in the blood stream,” says Dr. Skoda. “With its probiotic properties, improving digestion and metabolism could help you lose weight.”

5. Drinking pickle juice for a hangover may help you feel better

In some cases, drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate you. Electrolytes can help with that, says Skoda. “Drinking pickle juice as a hangover cure can help if it’s the electrolyte you choose,” he said.

6. Pickles contain disease-fighting antioxidants

Pickles are packed full of the good stuff! Pickles, like all fermented vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules inside the body that are linked to a range of health problems including cancer, heart disease and more.

“You can get some antioxidants from pickle juice, but eating the pickle is more beneficial to overall health.”Skoda’s bottom line: If you like the briny goodness of pickles or pickle juice, have at it! While pickle juice is not a cure-all, it can definitely be part of a healthy eating plan.

Pickles are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Now you can just add one more reason to love them!

If you’re worried about free radicals, there are many different forms of antioxidants you can consume – some coming in pickle juice, while others come from the food you eat. Getting antioxidants from eating your way can help protect your cells, and might even have longer-lasting effects.

Skoda Foods: Your favorite pickle eaters search in vain for ways to consume pickles and pickle juice, which led to the development of a healthy drink made with all-natural ingredients. Bon appétit!