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Monday, 14 May 2018

रिलायंस जियो का धमाका ऑफर अब 1 रूपए में मिलेंगे 200 चैनल

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रिलायंस जियो का धमाका ऑफर अब 1 रूपए में मिलेंगे 200 चैनल

जियो मोबाइल की दुनिया में सबसे सस्ती सिम देकर भारत में डिजीटल धमाका करने वाले भारत के सबसे अमीर व्यक्ति मुकेश अंबानी ने एक बार फिर आपके मनोरंजन के लिए अब तक का सबसे सस्ता डीटीएच प्लान देने की योजना बनाई हैं। इसके लिए अब सिर्फ घोषणा होने बाकी है। इसकी जानकारी पहले से आने से उपभोक्ता रतलाम शहर में जियो के आफिस में बड़ी संख्या में उमड़ रहे हैं। जियो के स्थानीय विके्रताओं के अनुसार कंपनी सिर्फ 1 रुपए में 200 चैनल देगी।

jio dhamaka offer 2018
रतलाम शहर में जियो सिम के विके्रताओं के अनुसार सिर्फ 1 रुपए में 200 चैनल वाला डीटीएच देने की तैयारी हो गई है। ये प्लान 28 दिन के लिए रहेगा। इसकी कीमत इतनी सस्ती होगी कि 1 रुपए प्रतिदिन की दर रहेगी। हालाकि जियो टीवी पहले से है व इसमे काफी सारे चैनल देखने को मिलते है। अब जियो इससे एक कदम आगे आकर होम टीवी देने जा रहा है। इसमे उपभोक्ता एचडी व उसडी क्वालिटी के चैनल देख पाएंगे। इतना ही नहीं, जियो इसके साथ-साथ लैपटॉप भी लेकर आ रहा है, जिसमे इंटरनेट जियो की सिम में चलेगा।

Monday, 12 February 2018

Discovery Jeet Has Been Added On DD freedish naaptol Preview channel

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Here are the Transponder Frequency Details bellow.

Transponder - 11470 Mhz

Symbol Rate - 29500

Polarization - Vertical

The channel will be available in three languages Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.
The channel will launch with 5 hours of programming band daily out of which 3 hours will bebespoke, ground-up original programming built on the thesis ofunderdog winning.
The broadcaster has also partnered Netflix as the exclusive global OTT platform for Discovery Jeet content. 
The deal will ensure that the channel’s content will be available to audiences in more than 190 countries worldwide. 
Netflix communities globally will be able to binge-watch each series after it is aired on the Discovery Jeetchannel in India.

Refusing to put Discovery JEET content on FTA , Discovery Communications India South Asia President and General Manager Karan Bajaj indicated that Discovery is now looking at the rural market. “If we do launch an FTA channel at any point of time it will be real consumer thesis in mind; what the consumer wants and what is not being served to them. We are not going to dump JEET content on FTA. ”

While talking about the launch of the FTA channel, Bajaj informed, “We are in the thought process and soon we will share something on this front.”

Discovery JEET is set to disrupt the GEC space in India starting February 12, 2018. The network has also signed Netflix as the exclusive global OTT platform partner for the content of Discovery JEET. 

Discovery Jeet’s new program's - Discovery Jeet’s programming line-up includes ‘Swami Ramdev: Ek Sangharsh’,’21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897′, ‘Mere Papa Hero Hiralal’, ‘Khan No 1’, ‘Comedy High School’, ‘Gabru: Hip-Hop Ke Shehzaade’, ‘Anjaan: Special Crimes Unit’, ‘Man Vs Wild with Sunny Leone’, and ‘Lucha: Dangal Ke Sultan’.


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

New 20 Free To Air Channels comming soon.

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Mumbai : is another Free-To-Air FTA DTH operator pawing to take off in India? If the statements made by the pantel Technology the company the took over the ailing reliance big DTH management in media releases are to be believed then the answer is in the affirmative.
Yesterday, Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network and Pantel Technologes announced through a release on the Bombay Stock Exchange that the companies had arrived an
Understanding to jointly create a boquet of over 20 FTA channels
Comprising diverse genres such as entertainment, kids, infotainment, mythological, and movies.
Enjoy... DD FD


Sunday, 19 November 2017

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) still seems to be in a celebratory mood after its recent 25th year anniversary.

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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) still seems to be in a celebratory mood after its 25th year anniversary. After rebranding its entire Zee’s bouquet, the network is soon to revamp the Reliance Broadcast Network Limited’s (RBNL) television business that it acquired in November 2016.The channel is planning to rebrand Big Magic to Zee Magic and Big Ganga to Zee Ganga, a source close to the development confirmed the news . The revamp is slated to happen early next month.The television broadcasting business of the Reliance group entities currently comprises two operational general entertainment channels (Big Magic and Big Ganga) and four other TV licenses.Big Magic, which was earlier a comedy channel, positioned itself as a variety general entertainment channel (GEC). Taking its multi-genre league forward, the network added four new shows to it line up.The channel launched four shows that include, Shaktipeeth KeBhairav, which will depict the mythical story of 52 shaktipeeths from the perspective of one of the most powerful and raging forms of Lord Shiva – Bhairav, Kunwara Hai Par Humara Hai, Tera Baap Mera Baap, and Deewane Anjane.Big Ganga is the second GEC by RBNL and caters to Bihar and Jharkhand.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

LIFE_OK added On #DD_Free_Dish replaced with TEST 316

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Breaking Update:-

#LIFE_OK added On #DD_Free_Dish
replaced with TEST 316

Frequency details -

Transponder -11470
Symbol Rate - 27500
Polarization - Vertical

Name will be Changed to #Star_Bharath Within Few Days.

On 29th Aug Star Bharat will take place of life ok.

#ddfreedish #Doordarshan #Prasarbharathi


Friday, 28 July 2017

Star India is going to rebrand its GEChannel # Life_OK as # Star_Bharat on 15 august and will available on DD Freedish DTH

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Update :-
Star India is going to rebrand its GEChannel
# Life_OK as # Star_Bharat on 15 august. The channel will show all new shows and excepts few shows all other old shows will go off air.
The interestesting fact is that Star India has won an additional channel slot on DD free dish in 36th E auction so there may be a chance that star India will launch this channel at free dish too. But now we can only guess because no any source conform that news.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

SPN Network soon going to launch new Free To Air Sport Channel on DD Freedish

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Any one Sony's sport channel can won slot in next E-Auction

Star Network is going to launch there first Free To Air Sport channel Star Sport First on DD Freedish platform.
Star sport First will be launched on 21st July.

Another big news is that SPN Network is also going to launch any sport channel from this image, to give some competition to Star Sport First like they did while launching Sony Wah Hindi Movie Channel, to give some competition to other Free To Air movie channel's like Rishtye Cineplex, Star utsav movies, Zee Anmol .

Doordarshan and DD Freedish user will get benefits of This competition.

SPN Network will soon change there sports channels logo like shown in image.

So let's wait for this big competition.
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Friday, 7 July 2017

Sony Leplex HD will be launch on 23rd August

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# Breaking_News
# Sony_Leplex_HD
#Sony_lePlex_HD WILL be launch
on 23rd August
This is paid channel so it will not avelable on
# dd_free_dish dth platform.
It will be added on all mejor dth platform and cable network.
So stay tune for more updates and don't forget to share this info.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

New sports channel coming soon from star network on DD Freedish

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MUMBAI: Star India is deepening its association with sports by launching India’s first private free-to-air (FTA) sports channel. Currently, public broadcaster Doordarshan’s DD Sports is the only FTA sports channel in the country.The FTA sports channel, christened Star Sports First, will be launched on DD’s FTA DTH platform Freedish, which has an estimated 22 million subscribers. Star India had won two slots on Freedish in the e-auction conducted by DD on 4 July. One of the slots will be utilised for Star Sports First.Star is also the first broadcaster in India to launch regional sports channels in Hindi and Tamil.“Star will launch an FTA sports channel Star Sports First. The channel is likely to launch before the beginning of the Pro Kabaddi League, which kicks off on 28 July. Freedish will be the primary distribution platform for the channel,” said an industry source on condition of anonymity.While Freedish has a plethora of content ranging from entertainment, movies, news to music, it does not have quality sports content, barring DD Sports, and the events aired by DD National as part of mandatory sharing as most of the sports content is only available on pay TV platforms.Star Sports First aims to fill in this gap by offering mainly rural audiences with qualitysports content.According to an EY report on India’s FTA TV market, just 1% of viewership of sports channels was from the FTA market while the pay market contributed 99% of the viewership.Ever since BARC India rolled out viewership data for the rural market, FTA Hindi GECs have been trying to woo the rural populace by cutting down the windowfor airing fresh content from their pay GECs.The Hindi movie segment has seen three new launches from mainstream broadcasters, namely Star Utsav Movies, Zee Anmol Cinema and Sony Wah. Several pay news channels have gone FTA such asNews18 India, Zee News and NDTV India.Freedish has been the biggest beneficiary of all these developments. Recently, NewsX became the first Indian English language channel to hop on to Freedish.The FTA ad market is also on an upswing. While in 2016 the genre garnered an estimated Rs 4–5 billion in ad revenue, thisis expected to climb to Rs 8–10 billion this year.Since the majority of Freedish subscribers reside in the Hindi-speaking market (HSM),Star Sports First will be in Hindi. Barring a few Marathi channels, most of the channels on Freedish are in Hindi language.This will be the third FTA channel from StarIndia network. The other two channels are Star Utsav, which airs repeat content from Star Plus, and Star Utsav Movies. The broadcaster is working on another FTA channel, the details of which are sketchy.In order to avoid cannibalisation of its pay TV revenue, Star Sports First will not have premium cricket content involving the Indian team. However, non-India cricket content will be available. Some of the localleagues like Pro Kabaddi will also be available.The broadcaster is giving final touches to its content plan which will be completed ina week’s time. “There will be a lot of local content on the channel. However, this will be primarily professional sports content across disciplines,” the source added.Star Sports First will replace FX HD, which will shut down on 20 July. The broadcasterhas got the MIB approval to rename FX HDlicence as Star Sports First. FX HD was earlier scheduled to shut on 15 June along with FX and Star Movies Action. However, the broadcaster issued a corrigendum extending the shut-down date of FX HD.Recently, Star had rejigged its sports network by shutting down Star Sports 4 and Star Sports HD 4 and launching Star Sports Tamil 1, Star Sports Select 1 and 2. It had also renamed Star Sports 3 as Star Sports Hindi 1.Star Sports Tamil 1, which is the second regional sports channel from Star, is a mirror of Star Sports Hindi 1, which primarily airs India cricket and local leagues. Star Sports Select 1 and 2 channels are mirror channels of Star Sports Select HD1 and HD2, the exclusive home of international sporting events.Star Sports network with 11 channels broadcasts premier sporting events which include cricket coverage under the purviewof the International Cricket Council (ICC), Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Cricket Australia, England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC); Pro Kabaddi; Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL); the Indian Super League (ISL), Premier League, Bundesliga; Badminton World Federation (BWF) events, Premier Badminton League (PBL); Hockey India League (HIL); Formula 1; Wimbledon, the French Open and International Premier Tennis League.Source:


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Two new channels from star network comming soon on DD Freedish 36th E Auction Result

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dd free dish par two star India network ka channel...
36th e auction...में जीतने वाले चैनल star India network के दो चैनल ने slot जीता है.आपको हम बता दे कि चैनल का नाम अभी मालूम नही है. कौन सा चैनल add होगा....36th e auction मे टोटल 11 चैनल ने slot जीता है.
the channel have won the slot..
1 zee Hindustan
2 zee news
3 news 18 India
4 star utsav
5 zee anmol
6 rishtey tv
7 b4u music
8 bhojpuri cinema
9 houseful movies.
two star India network.... में कोई चैनल add होगा जो मैंने चैनल का फोटो दिया है.
1 star jalsha ya shop cj
2 rt movies............ channel v ya star gold select new lunch channel.. HD wala nahi hoga
और star India ने दो नए चैनल का नाम बताने से इनकार कर दिया है. देखतेे है कौन सा चैनल add होता है!


Monday, 5 June 2017

English news channel News x has been added on DD Freedish ( DD Direct Plus )

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English news channel News x has been added on DD Freedish ( DD Direct Plus )

In Free Dish 35th e-auction English National News channel added
This is good news that now minimum one english news channel avaiable on DD Freedish. This channel name is "NewsX". Earlier this channel was already available on DD Freedish platform but this channel won the slot in 35th e-auction.
As you know DD Free dish held its 35th auction for fill vacant DTH slots on its platform, for only non-news & current affairs channels. But English news channel "NewsX" added in DD Freedish DTH.
You can tune this channel (NewsX") at same channel no. Multiplex TV. Multiplex Hindi movie channel removed from DD Freedish.
If you are not getting NewsX channel then you can tune your STB from here.

Here is frequency detail of this channel.

LNB Frequency : 09750-10600
TP Frequency : 11550
Symbol Rate : 29500
Quality : DVB-S
LNB Frequency : 05150-05150
TP Frequency : 3350
Symbol Rate : 29500
Quality : DVB-S

NewsX channel removed from ABS Freedish

Although you can still get 24X7 Hindi movie channel "Multiplex" TV from SES8 satellite. You can tune your STB by given below frequency details...
Satellite: NSS 6 / SES 8 at 95.0° East.
LNB Frequency: Universal (9750-10600)
Frequency: 12110
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 40700
FEC: 5/6
22K: ON or Auto
Compression: MPEG-2/SD
Resolution: 576i
Encryption: FTA

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Doordarshan is orgnizing 33rd E-Auction For Entertainment channels

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Doordarshan will conduct 33 online e-Auction for filling up of Yacant Non-
News & Current Affairs catego
DD Free Dish on 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday). Only those Private Satellite TV
channels which are Permitted by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under
Non-News & Current Affairs TV Channels category can submit their application
for participation in the 33 F e-Auction.
y DTH Slot for the DTH Service of Doordarshan's
Interested Non-News & Current Affairs Private
Channels are requested to submit their applications
alongwith requisite documents and demand drafts on
or before 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday) latest by 12:00
noon for participation in the e-Auction.
For detailed Terms and Conditions for
33rd e-Auction please visit Our website


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

After launching Sony BBC Earth Sony Network is Going to launch new channel for kids As name Sony Kids

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Celebration at Sony Pictures Network India (SPNI) seems to be continuing. The network recently launched its factual entertainment channel Sony BBC Earth with BBC Earth. Now, the network is gearing up to launch another channel, Sony kids channel. The channel is slated for an April launch.
This upcoming channel will be the second kids channel from the SPNI stable. At present, Sony runs Animax, which was launched on 5 July 2004. “The kids channel will be organic, local and everything will be produced in India," SPNI CEO N P Singh said in an interview.
The channel has been working to expand its portfolio by adding 10 channels this year. The channels include five sports channels, and the rest will be divided between kids, music, infotainment and others. SPNI already launched two channels in the beginning of the year, and announced sports channels as well.
A new kids channel is on its way. Now, it will be interesting to see what more SPNI has in its magic box for India.


Monday, 6 March 2017

New channel sony earth has been added on GTPL cable network

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New infotainment channel Sony BBC Earth has been added on GTPL on channel no. 503
This channel is actually similar like Discovery or National Geographic.
Sony BBC Earth currently Available in two languages English and Hindi .
Soon will available on all DTH Platform.
There is not have any chances to get this channel on DD Freedish.
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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

32nd E-Auction has been successfully completed.32nd E-Auction Result 10 channels won slot.

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DD Free Dish
32nd E-Auction has been successfully completed.
32nd E-Auction Result
10 Channel Won This E-Auction.
4 new channels going to add on DD Freedish.
And 6 channels have renewed there license.
4 New Comming Soon

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

DD Free dish :Possibility to join DD Free dish platform channel slots -

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DD Free dish :
Possibility to join DD Free dish platform channel slots -

These channels can won slot in 32nd E-Auction.
And some HD channels also have chances to won slot.
As DD Freedish will soon launch new MPEG 4 Set Top Box.
Boxes will soon available in market after launching.
These are chanels may appetence to join Dd Free dish TV channels slots :
1) Shubh Tv
2) Khushboo Tv ( Swar Marathi )
3) B4u plus
4) Oscar movies
5) Focus News
6) TV 24
7) NDTV India
8) Live India
9) Shree News
10) Sahara Samay
11) Maay Marathi
12) JK 24X7 News
13) Navgrah Tv
14) Devi Tv
15) Divya
16) ETv UP
17) DD Arun Prabha
18) DD India
19) Dhamal Gujrat
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Monday, 9 January 2017

How to watch Free channels on your DishTv

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How to watch just Only FTA channels on your DishTv 
its just a simple trick. and we are going around the world to rest VC cards and also STB's...

Follow the instructions and just thank me ...

1. Just switch on your receiver power supply.

2. Then ur receiver will go on loading. don't give it time to load. just switch off your receiver by
pressing red button from your remote control.
((Note: Remember don't allow your receiver to load))

3. Then again press red button of your remote control and it will take you to the dish interactive channel 999.

4. Don't wast your time again and simple press the button 313 from remote control numeric keypad which is the channel no. of b4u music.which is fta channel.

5. now u can see all the fta channels.such as etc music, music india, 9x (test channel) , 9xm ,dd national ,dd sports , dd india, dd urdu (all other dd channels), enter 10 ,care world ,mh one, e24, etc etc.but always go to the fta channel directly by pressing the up down left right cursor keys of your remote control. Don't use the channel changing up down two keys just press the four keys above those keys.
Example: as now you are on b4u music 313 then press the up cursor key you will see blue strip on which the channel name and number is shown. By pressing the up cursor button you will see the other channels name and numbers on blue strip with out watcching them .When you see the channel name 9xm and number 318 then just press ok key and u will watch 9xm on your tv. and similarly you can watch all the fta channels by the same procedure.

6. ( Very Important Note). Don't go to any channel which need any subscription or recharge.don't be greedy as your aim is to watch fta channels not the subscribed channels otherwise it will be blocked again and u have to put the procedure again to watch your fta channels. So just use the left right up down cursor keys instead of channel changing keys. or you can remember the fta channels numbers or write them on a simple paper to notify you in future. if u do this then it will blocked and will remind you to recharge. but don't worry. you will watch your fta channels again by using the above procedure again.

7. one more thing which u must remember to enjoy your fta channels is that never upgrade Soft-Ware or search channels because if you do that then fta channels will block again and to enjoy them again you have to wait for a week to fool dish don't try that processes because if there is any new channels introduce they will automatically be shown.and there is no new version of Soft-Ware to upgrade.
i tried to explain the procedure to get your fta channels on dish tv with out recharging any package. so if u get your fta channels then please reply and appreciate it.
If u know to edit the home transponder by using password (7531).. I am sure u know the process.....then change Home Frequency 12688 to you will only get DD direct channels,


Monday, 2 January 2017

Reliance Jio will launch new sport channel it will added on DD Freedish If........

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Reliance Jio confirmed on his website that They will launch a sports channel in 2017 They said, "If DD Free Dish need any sports channel We are ready to launch a sports channel.
Are you waiting for sports channel?


Friday, 9 December 2016

DD Freedish : Test - 1 ( MHRD ) now softly launch new government channel " DigiShala "

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DD Freedish :
Test - 1 ( MHRD ) now softly launch new government channel " DigiShala ".
The ministry of electronics and IT (MeitY) has sent out media invitations saying that the new TV Channel will be launched by Union Minister of Electronics and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad and PP Chaudhary, MoS, Electronics & IT at around 3 PM.

The government on Friday is expected to launch a new TV channel named DigiShala and a new website named Cashless India post demonetisation to educate citizens about completing transactions digitally.
The ministry of electronics and IT (MeitY) has sent out media invitations saying that the new TV Channel will be launched by Union Minister of Electronics and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad and PP Chaudhary, MoS, Electronics & IT at around 3 PM.


Monday, 31 October 2016

Maha Cartoon Tv Added On DD Freedish by Replacing Franse24

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Maha Cartoon Tv Added On DD Freedish by Replacing Franse24
As we said that maha cartoon tv will add on DD Freedish on 1st nov. 2016
Breaking good news for Cartoon Lovers that Maha Cartoon tv added on DD Free Dish By Replacing A International channnel france 24 who is removed by DD Free Dish and Added Maha Cartoon Tv channel Its famous show Masuk Gungun Panchtantra story e.t.c Frequencys are -
Transpounder -11510Mhz 
Symbol rate - 29500ks
Polorisetion - Vertical
Finnely it is now added on DD Freedish and soon will be added on other paid dth servises like Tata sky, videocon d2h, Dish Tv.
Maha Cartoon Tv is the first india's Free to Air Channel so Enjoy It.
Subscribe our youtube channel soon we are going to upload video - How to get Maha Cartoon Tv on DD Freedish.
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