The recently elected US President Joe Biden’s decision on waving off student loans came recently. He dismissed the proposal of the full-wave off of debt. Biden said that he might consider $10,000 waving off of the student debt. Congress has to discuss implementing further elimination of the loans.

He came with the decision on Tuesday. At the same time, the Democrats came up with the proposal to full-wave off of the loans. The President said that he had no problem eliminating the loans to some extent but fully is not an option.

Biden can’t make $50,000 loan wave off decision alone

Biden said about his decision in Milwaukee at the town hall address organized by CNN. An audience there asked him if he commits to eliminate a minimum of $50,000 student loan debt.

The US President can not list off their significant amount of debt without any discussion with Congress. He knows the pressure which the debt put on the student and the family as his kids also studied in privately funded universities.

He comprehends the fact that the loan impacts the students very much, and it is enervating. His decision to list off $10,000 came from that understanding only. The extended request to eliminate more amount of loans is but at his right.

Democrats putting pressure about student loans

Democrats are putting pressure on their own party’ colleague who holds the office regarding student loan write-off. They want him to do it, bypassing Congress.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, D-N.Y., senator of D-Mass Elizabeth Warren, and other policymakers came up with a proposal in February. They called out to the President to eliminate at least $50,000 student debt. Those Democrats had argued that the education secretary holds power to wave-off federal student debt if he agrees to do so.

Biden welcomes any option to review the loan wave off the bill if Congress agrees

The White House press secretary said that US President welcomes every option to consider and review the loan wave-off proposal. He will take immediate executive action if  Congress deliberates the bill and is sent to the office.

Warren and Schumer wrote a statement together saying that they’re confident that Biden would review the $50,000 student loan eliminating proposal. They put a lot of pressure on President Biden with this gesture. The senators said that the oval office has such posts to wave off the loan burden from millions of students across the US.

President Biden supports Pro students allowances

The US President repeated that he surely wants no American student to pay to study in community colleges. Americans who earn below $125,000 will not have to pay their children by state school fees. He also said that his support would be there if anyone opting for jobs like teaching or any public jobs, then their loans will be written off.

Biden thinks schools might be open in summer to compensate pandemic gap

The President stated that no interest payment as the Covid-19 pandemic had drained the whole country and their people economically.

He added that schools could compensate for the time gap of the academic year in summer.

The pandemic had disturbed the academic year.

Biden guessed that schools might continue to open in the summer too.