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Monday, 5 June 2017

English news channel News x has been added on DD Freedish ( DD Direct Plus )

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English news channel News x has been added on DD Freedish ( DD Direct Plus )

In Free Dish 35th e-auction English National News channel added
This is good news that now minimum one english news channel avaiable on DD Freedish. This channel name is "NewsX". Earlier this channel was already available on DD Freedish platform but this channel won the slot in 35th e-auction.
As you know DD Free dish held its 35th auction for fill vacant DTH slots on its platform, for only non-news & current affairs channels. But English news channel "NewsX" added in DD Freedish DTH.
You can tune this channel (NewsX") at same channel no. Multiplex TV. Multiplex Hindi movie channel removed from DD Freedish.
If you are not getting NewsX channel then you can tune your STB from here.

Here is frequency detail of this channel.

LNB Frequency : 09750-10600
TP Frequency : 11550
Symbol Rate : 29500
Quality : DVB-S
LNB Frequency : 05150-05150
TP Frequency : 3350
Symbol Rate : 29500
Quality : DVB-S

NewsX channel removed from ABS Freedish

Although you can still get 24X7 Hindi movie channel "Multiplex" TV from SES8 satellite. You can tune your STB by given below frequency details...
Satellite: NSS 6 / SES 8 at 95.0° East.
LNB Frequency: Universal (9750-10600)
Frequency: 12110
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 40700
FEC: 5/6
22K: ON or Auto
Compression: MPEG-2/SD
Resolution: 576i
Encryption: FTA

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Doordarshan is orgnizing 33rd E-Auction For Entertainment channels

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Doordarshan will conduct 33 online e-Auction for filling up of Yacant Non-
News & Current Affairs catego
DD Free Dish on 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday). Only those Private Satellite TV
channels which are Permitted by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under
Non-News & Current Affairs TV Channels category can submit their application
for participation in the 33 F e-Auction.
y DTH Slot for the DTH Service of Doordarshan's
Interested Non-News & Current Affairs Private
Channels are requested to submit their applications
alongwith requisite documents and demand drafts on
or before 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday) latest by 12:00
noon for participation in the e-Auction.
For detailed Terms and Conditions for
33rd e-Auction please visit Our website


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

After launching Sony BBC Earth Sony Network is Going to launch new channel for kids As name Sony Kids

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Celebration at Sony Pictures Network India (SPNI) seems to be continuing. The network recently launched its factual entertainment channel Sony BBC Earth with BBC Earth. Now, the network is gearing up to launch another channel, Sony kids channel. The channel is slated for an April launch.
This upcoming channel will be the second kids channel from the SPNI stable. At present, Sony runs Animax, which was launched on 5 July 2004. “The kids channel will be organic, local and everything will be produced in India," SPNI CEO N P Singh said in an interview.
The channel has been working to expand its portfolio by adding 10 channels this year. The channels include five sports channels, and the rest will be divided between kids, music, infotainment and others. SPNI already launched two channels in the beginning of the year, and announced sports channels as well.
A new kids channel is on its way. Now, it will be interesting to see what more SPNI has in its magic box for India.


Monday, 6 March 2017

New channel sony earth has been added on GTPL cable network

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New infotainment channel Sony BBC Earth has been added on GTPL on channel no. 503
This channel is actually similar like Discovery or National Geographic.
Sony BBC Earth currently Available in two languages English and Hindi .
Soon will available on all DTH Platform.
There is not have any chances to get this channel on DD Freedish.
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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

32nd E-Auction has been successfully completed.32nd E-Auction Result 10 channels won slot.

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Amezing Tech | 07:43:00 | | | 3 Comments so far
DD Free Dish
32nd E-Auction has been successfully completed.
32nd E-Auction Result
10 Channel Won This E-Auction.
4 new channels going to add on DD Freedish.
And 6 channels have renewed there license.
4 New Comming Soon

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

DD Free dish :Possibility to join DD Free dish platform channel slots -

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DD Free dish :
Possibility to join DD Free dish platform channel slots -

These channels can won slot in 32nd E-Auction.
And some HD channels also have chances to won slot.
As DD Freedish will soon launch new MPEG 4 Set Top Box.
Boxes will soon available in market after launching.
These are chanels may appetence to join Dd Free dish TV channels slots :
1) Shubh Tv
2) Khushboo Tv ( Swar Marathi )
3) B4u plus
4) Oscar movies
5) Focus News
6) TV 24
7) NDTV India
8) Live India
9) Shree News
10) Sahara Samay
11) Maay Marathi
12) JK 24X7 News
13) Navgrah Tv
14) Devi Tv
15) Divya
16) ETv UP
17) DD Arun Prabha
18) DD India
19) Dhamal Gujrat
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Monday, 9 January 2017

How to watch Free channels on your DishTv

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How to watch just Only FTA channels on your DishTv 
its just a simple trick. and we are going around the world to rest VC cards and also STB's...

Follow the instructions and just thank me ...

1. Just switch on your receiver power supply.

2. Then ur receiver will go on loading. don't give it time to load. just switch off your receiver by
pressing red button from your remote control.
((Note: Remember don't allow your receiver to load))

3. Then again press red button of your remote control and it will take you to the dish interactive channel 999.

4. Don't wast your time again and simple press the button 313 from remote control numeric keypad which is the channel no. of b4u music.which is fta channel.

5. now u can see all the fta channels.such as etc music, music india, 9x (test channel) , 9xm ,dd national ,dd sports , dd india, dd urdu (all other dd channels), enter 10 ,care world ,mh one, e24, etc etc.but always go to the fta channel directly by pressing the up down left right cursor keys of your remote control. Don't use the channel changing up down two keys just press the four keys above those keys.
Example: as now you are on b4u music 313 then press the up cursor key you will see blue strip on which the channel name and number is shown. By pressing the up cursor button you will see the other channels name and numbers on blue strip with out watcching them .When you see the channel name 9xm and number 318 then just press ok key and u will watch 9xm on your tv. and similarly you can watch all the fta channels by the same procedure.

6. ( Very Important Note). Don't go to any channel which need any subscription or recharge.don't be greedy as your aim is to watch fta channels not the subscribed channels otherwise it will be blocked again and u have to put the procedure again to watch your fta channels. So just use the left right up down cursor keys instead of channel changing keys. or you can remember the fta channels numbers or write them on a simple paper to notify you in future. if u do this then it will blocked and will remind you to recharge. but don't worry. you will watch your fta channels again by using the above procedure again.

7. one more thing which u must remember to enjoy your fta channels is that never upgrade Soft-Ware or search channels because if you do that then fta channels will block again and to enjoy them again you have to wait for a week to fool dish don't try that processes because if there is any new channels introduce they will automatically be shown.and there is no new version of Soft-Ware to upgrade.
i tried to explain the procedure to get your fta channels on dish tv with out recharging any package. so if u get your fta channels then please reply and appreciate it.
If u know to edit the home transponder by using password (7531).. I am sure u know the process.....then change Home Frequency 12688 to you will only get DD direct channels,


Monday, 2 January 2017

Reliance Jio will launch new sport channel it will added on DD Freedish If........

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Reliance Jio confirmed on his website that They will launch a sports channel in 2017 They said, "If DD Free Dish need any sports channel We are ready to launch a sports channel.
Are you waiting for sports channel?

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