Bigg Boss 14 October 15 Written Episode: Pavitra Punia, Eijaz Khan, Nishant Malkhani Win Task

Bigg Boss 14 October 15 Written Episode: Pavitra Punia, Eijaz Khan, Nishant Malkhani Win Task

Bigg Boss 14 October 15 Written Episode: Pavitra Punia, Eijaz Khan, Nishant Malkhani Win Task 1

Bigg Boss 14 October 15 Written Episode: The contestants who are present in the Bigg Boss 14 house are Abhinav Shukla, Shehzad Deol, Rahul Vaidya, Nishant Malkani, Rubina Dilaik, Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia, Jasmin Bhasin, Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu. Also, there are Toofani Seniors Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan who are making difficult for freshers. Today’s episode starts with Nikki Tamboli, Nishant Malkhani and Rahul Vaidya’s conversation on Jaan Kumar Sanu. Nikki calls Jaan paltu master. After a few minutes, Nikki is seen talking to Jaan, who is being adamant but Nikki stays calm to talk to him more. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Paras Chhabra Comments on Pavitra Punia’s Chemistry With Eijaz Khan, Says ‘I Pray For Eijaz Bhai’

Nikki Tamboli is a confirmed contestant and refused to do dishes. The other contestants in the house are talking about Nikki’s behaviour as how can she refuse not to help in household chores. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Why Has Radhe Maa Suddenly Disappeared From The Show? Read on

Meanwhile, Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar talk about Sidharth’s father who passed away at his early stage. Jasmin is upset with her behaviour and Rubina-Dilaik explains to her what to do with Nikki. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14 October 14 Major Highlights: Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia, Rahul Vaidya, Nishant Win Immunity

Contestants wake up to ‘Meri Pant Bhi Sexy’ song and on the other hand, Sidharth feels Pavitra is peaceful and she reminds him of the 2010’s personality. He wants Pavitra to show everyone her that side. In the discussion, Sidharth thinks there is no winner among this new lot of BB 14.

Nikki is seen again fighting saying that she won’t chop vegetables. Rubina gets into a fight and refuses to cook if Nikki doesn’t chop veges. Nikki then talks to Rahul about it and asks Rubina to chop with Rahul. Abhinav taking Rubina’s side says there will be no food if Tamboli doesn’t chop vegetables.

Hina Khan talks to Rubina and Abhinav about the situation. Rubina and Eijaz get into a fight and she starts ignoring Eijaz. He tries to talk to Rubina and she walks away, irking him. Jaan, on the other hand, is irritated with Abhinav and Rubina as they are not mature enough.

Bigg Boss gives a new task to the contestants to be confirmed in the house. Pavitra announces the task, which brings in a twist that the items belonging to the loser would be sent back. Pavitra and Rubina go for the task first. Pavitra and Rubina collect balls and Pavitra first cheats in the task and steals balls from Rubina. She becomes the winner of that round and take all her clothes from the BB mall. Pavitra and Rubina both scratched each her.

Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya go next in the round, they both collect balls and fight for it. Eijaz wins the task and takes his personal belongings.

Jaan to Nikki: I don’t like you as a friend, I love you.

Shezad and Nishant start their task together and collect balls. Nishant got on a tree first but Hina refused. Bigg Boss also told him to get down of the tree. Nishant and Shezad fight and all of a sudden Nishant slips down. While Shezad and Nishant’s fight, Jaan and Nikki discuss their strategy and Jaan gives her a hug. They also fight with words, and then Hina-Gauahar, Rubina-Pavitra mimic them. Nishant wins the task. He takes all his belongings from the BB mall.

Nikki defends Eijaz Khan when Nishant and Rahul say he knows how to play on both sides. Eijaz confesses to Bigg Boss that he lied to the seniors, and it was part of his strategy. He takes the group’s suggestion for his look.

The task is on hold due to the weather conditions.

Sidharth and Hina plan to push Gauahar into the pool. After Gauhar, Sidharth then pushes Hina and he himself gets into the pool and enjoy their time.

Eijaz talks to Shezad about Abhinav and Rubina and said that he wants to call Rubina bhabhi but her behaviour irritates him a lot.

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