There’s a reason marijuana plants are often referred to as ‘weed’ — because these aren’t difficult to grow. However, if you’re after a big and bountiful harvest then it requires a little bit more care and attention. There are plenty of uses of weed plants, from enjoying the THC buzz to medicinal benefits and industrial uses. 

If thinking of growing a cannabis plant then there are some must-know tips that you can’t ignore. Check out these three strategies for success on how to grow a cannabis plant.

  1. Ventilation Is Critical for a Healthy Marijuana Plant 

Growing a healthy weed plant requires airflow. This is not so much a tip as it is a hard-and-fast rule for growing cannabis. This pertains mostly to growing plants indoors as proper ventilation is a commonly overlooked and critical factor. Adequate airflow is important for combating mold growth and nutrient burn when it’s hot. 

Furthermore, harmful pests flourish when there isn’t adequate ventilation. These pests include spider mites and gnats that can be disastrous for your plant. 

Your ventilation system doesn’t need to be advanced or complex. Simply having a fan blowing a steady stream of air in your grow room will suffice. Ensure it’s on a low enough setting that the airflow doesn’t damage your plant. Think ‘gentle breeze’ rather than ‘gale force winds.’

  1. Avoid Shocking Your Cannabis Plants 

No, we don’t mean telling them the Backstreet Boys are touring again. Shocking your plants is when you make any sudden changes to their environment which causes a reaction that can ruin your harvest. Whenever you’re making changes to the environment such as more or less light, adding and switching nutrients, or moving the plants around. 

Handle your plants with care and introduce new changes gradually when growing a marijuana plant. Reduce or increase light in stages until you reach the optimum lighting. If you’re switching nutrients, gradually phase the one type of nutrient out while starting with the new nutrients. 

  1. Separate Female and Male Plants

By now you probably know that the male cannabis plant isn’t very useful if you’re trying to grow flowers that are enriched with cannabinoids. The female plant has it all in this case, whether you’re growing for CBD or THC purposes. Of course, if you’re buying feminized seeds, then you can skip this part, as you’re guaranteed female plants. However, if you’ve purchased normal seeds or you want male plants to produce more seeds, then stick around. 

You’ll need to closely observe your plants as they grow as you can’t easily tell the difference between male and female plants in the early stages of bloom. Male plants reveal themselves sooner than female plants. Males are more gangly with rounder pre-flower parts than the ovate-shaped female pre-flowers. 

Once you’ve identified the males it’s important to remove them from the female plant’s environment so that your female plants don’t get fertilized. This would create subpar harvests with plenty of seeds. 

Get to Growing a Flourishing Cannabis Plant 

At the end of the day, the best way to grow a cannabis plant is to try. You’ll quickly learn through trial and error what works and what doesn’t to get the results you’re looking for. It doesn’t hurt to start out armed with a few foundational tips for success, though. 

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