Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death across the world. If you are unaware of the frequency of cardiovascular disease, you might overlook the significance of learning CPR. There are over 300,000 cardiac arrests in the US each year. These statistics alone indicate why it’s so crucial that people learn CPR. 

Believe it or not, you can be the difference between life and death with CPR certification. Just think about it: someone collapses before you and fails to continue breathing. You can perform CPR and sustain blood circulation until the ambulance arrives. You can play a critical role in saving peoples’ lives! 

Over 85 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home. Logic would have it, then, that you are more likely to witness a loved one go into cardiac arrest. If you’re not yet convinced that getting your CPR certification through MyCPR NOW matters, read on for three more reasons why everyone should get CPR certification. 

1.Lack Of CPR Certification Is Dangerous 

Even though cardiac arrest is the most common cause of death globally, there is a significant lack of knowledge surrounding CPR training with MyCPR NOW. Many lives are lost due to bystanders having never received CPR training. Although additional factors contribute to one’s reluctance to perform CPR, lack of CPR training is one of the most common reasons more lives are lost. 

Only up to 30% of individuals under cardiac arrest receive bystander CPR. The statistics pertain to emergencies occurring outside the hospital setting. The hospital is not the most likely place for cardiac arrests to occur. With the understanding that more cases of cardiac arrest are likely to happen outside of the hospital, it’s evident that people have a responsibility to receive training under MyCPR NOW as a public service.

2.CPR Training With MyCPR NOW Is Straightforward 

The idea of being trained to resuscitate someone is overwhelming, but the truth is that learning CPR is easy. The CPR training through MYCPR NOW is straightforward and can be mastered in a short-term course. You can also find resources online to learn more about how to perform CPR. 

There are multiple ways to perform CPR, and you can find the approach that works for you. Indeed, there are other ways to perform CPR besides mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. You can perform hands-only CPR as well. Knowing that you have options eliminates any fears associated with harming yourself by helping someone else. 

3.The Odds Are In Your Favor

It has been confirmed that one’s chance of survival during cardiac arrest increases with the amount of time the body sustains circulation. By applying CPR training learned through MYCPR NOW, you absolutely influence the likelihood of survival for people enduring cardiac arrest.  

Become A Hero

Get started with CPR training and become a hero. Become CPR certified so that you can help those you love and those around you stay safe. With this training, you become a very important asset to your family’s well-being and the wellbeing of the public.