Abhishek Basu’s Eternal Canvas Reaches Pre-Golden Globe Selection Process After Winning Hollywood Gold Award

Can Digital be the medium of any art form? As a renowned dancer, Bipasha is trying to search for her own existence. Will she be able to connect with almighty through the teachings of her Guruma? A unique blend of dance, art, music, and acting threads together the story of the Bengali web film – Eternal Canvas, featuring the very talented dancer, and actress of this generation Devlina Kumar (as Bipasha) and renowned actress, Papia Adhikari. Also Read – ‘Fiji Water Girl’ to make a cameo on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Presented by La Pelicula Motion Pictures, produced by Ayanjit Sen, story by Alo Basu, screenplay, dialogue, and direction by Abhishek Basu, associate director and costume & styling by Tejas Gandhi and assistant director Sanchari Dutta. The film is already running for the pre-Golden Globe Award selection process. It has received four international awards and four nominations in just two weeks of completion. Also Read – California highway closed by mudslides, more rain coming

1. Hollywood Gold Award 2020 –  Best Short Film Also Read – Golden Globe Awards 2019: Everything You Need to Know About This Star-Studded Event

2. Hollywood Gold Award 2020  – Best Costume designer

3. Best soundtrack award for background score at Europe Film Festival (London).

3. Alternative International Film Festival (Canada) Semifinalist

4. Nomination Venice Shorts Film Awards. (Venice, California)

5. Nomination Lift-off Global Network 2020 (UK)

6. Nomination Filmeraa International Film Festival

7. Nomination Indo American International Festival Of World Cinema

8. Nomination 9th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival.

9. Nomination INDIEFEST FILM AWARDS ( California, USA)

Director Abhishek Basu says, ” The art of dance has always been close to my heart, especially me being an Indian classical tabla player. When I first read the story from Alo Basu, I was surprised and got so many positive vibes especially inside this pandemic situation. The story took me to my childhood days where we used to see these kinds of drama films being made in the black and white era. I have always been a follower of filmmakers like Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Satyajit Ray, Rittik Ghatak, Tapan Sinha, and Gautam Ghosh. It’s really hard to find producers as well as artists these days who really get interested to work in these kinds of classics. I feel lucky that I have got the support of Ayanjit Sen, digital content guru, and a Bollywood producer and his great production team. I should say it as a musical in one way, as dance and music are related to each other in a strong way. You will find more of Indian classical music, and a little blend of the western classical symphony. Avik Ganguly has done fabulous work as my co-music director. ”

Producer Ayanjit Sen says, “This film tries to generate a lot of positive energy globally during this pandemic situation. It’s always not about artists but this film encompasses every livelihood. And this surpasses any geographical borders. It is India’s gift to the world.”

The film will be released on an OTT platform soon.

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