The cryptocurrency market has become among the top markets with millions of investors and traders. However, the emergence of many cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for people, especially beginners, to choose which one to invest in. 

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies that have the adoption progress, technology, product marketing prowess, and execution change the SaaS space in profitable ways, then here are the ones you should try. 

These cryptocurrencies have the potential for mass adoption in different aspects of the economy, like content delivery and cloud computing. 

Lucky block

This is a lottery platform whose goal is to revolutionize the $330 billion global lottery industry by solving the lack of trust transparency, among other things, in lottery products. The platform plans to succeed by applying the ‘Web 3.0’ decentralized networks power. 

Lucky Block does not just generate winners randomly in a verified way but also allows them to choose how charitable donations are used. Also, all transactions are available for all members on the public blockchain. 

Ticket buyers also get higher odds of buying tickets based on the cost savings accumulated from running lottery draws. The current Lucky Box price is $0.002926 with 44,499 holders and 493,833 transactions. The total liquidity is $6,328,489.46, with a market capitalization of $292 million. 

Tron Network

Founded by Justin Sun, this multi-faceted decentralized app operates using delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. Justin Sun has become among the most known crypto characters, and in 2018, he acquired BitTorrent, after which he later launched the BitTorrent Token. 

While Tron Network’s momentum has reduced for the last two years, it is still among the most active blockchains. 

The Sandbox

This ecosystem allows gamers to create, own, and monetize activities using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and $SAND, the platform’s native utility token. Players can assign verifiable ownership to digital asses, trade on marketplaces, and integrate into games using their NFTs. 

There is also a metaverse, or Sandbox virtual world, where gamers can buy digital real estate lots using LAND tokens. 


You can buy this relatively new crypto to access a distributed file transfer and storage network. It turns unused data storage into business resources, and you can sell your excess storage capacity to people who need larger storage capacity. 

The exchanges happen on an automated algorithmically driven marketplace built on an interplanetary File System, which is a security layer and helps incentivize people’s participation. 


This gaming community platform and virtual goods marketplace focus on marketing the go-to digital asset for gamers to use to get in-game items. With 250,000 gaming communities and approximately 18.7 million gamers, Enjin aims to become the biggest gaming community platform. 


This works similar to the Sandbox, with LAND tokens that people can buy using the MANA token operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, people use NFTs to assign ownership to their digital real estate. 


If you are into DeFi, this is the cryptocurrency for you. It operates using an automated market-making system that removes the necessity for an order book, and it is the biggest DEX by volume. Its AMM system solves the problem of low asset liquidity because everyone on the platform is a market maker. 


This is also in the DeFi sector, and it started by leveraging stable coins liquidity to develop more stable yields sources for loans. Curve currently has 122 liquidity pools for the pairs that people can swap on the decentralized exchange. 

There are many online platforms where you can buy cryptocurrency, like, where you can buy different cryptocurrencies and keep up with their current prices. 

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