Bookshelves can be a pretty creative way to add storage to your bedroom. In addition to using them for your home library, they can have many other functions. Let’s look at the different ways to incorporate one into your bedroom design. 

One great aspect of a bookshelf is that you can adjust the shelf space based on what’s being stored. If you’re using your bedroom as a home office, a small bookcase next to your next is the perfect companion for storing large binders. They are also great for accounting books or other materials you frequently use for work. 

If you’re looking for a place to stash away all of those extra sets of sheets and comforters, a tall bookcase may be just the answer. You can keep neatly folded quilts and blankets on their shelves and use the other shelves for sheets, pillowcases, and throw blankets. Decorative pillows can also be displayed and added to the bedroom décor. 

What about those bulky winter sweaters that won’t fit in your dresser drawer? Put them on a shelf and free up space in your closet for other clothing items you want to hang. If you have a walk-in closet, why not place the bookshelf right in there and have your wardrobe in one place. If you live in a mild climate that doesn’t experience winters harsh enough for big fluffy sweaters, keep your pajamas and robes on the shelves. 

Get a small bookshelf for bedroom side tables. The open design will make it easy to grab your hand lotion, reading glasses, remote controls, and more as you lie in bed. You can keep your alarm clock and lamp on the surface top, giving you even more storage options. 

Another excellent use of a bookcase is for shoes. You can divide them by color, arranging a beautiful display as you show off your collections. Or assemble them by function and give your athletic shoes a space separate from your casual and formal footwear. Seeing all of your shoes displayed will make it easier to pair them with an outfit before leaving for work or heading out for a night on the town.

Use the bookcase’s sturdy shelves to display your special green thumb. Keep your indoor plants on the shelves and adjust the shelf heights as they grow. Adding other decorative knick-knacks like small garden gnomes will bring a piece of the outdoors into the bedroom. 

Do you have a child in the home who loves playing with dolls? As you know, dollhouses can be very expensive, but a mid-sized bookshelf can be turned into a doll’s dream home. Just clear the shelves and allow the little one to set up furniture as they see fit. They’ll be pleased with the multi-level mansion they’ve created for their dolls. 

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