Wondering what’s the best way to spend the weekend with your kids? Try curling up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and enjoy some quality time by watching a classic. Deciding on a film, though, is never easy and if you want to avoid the sibling’s bickering, read on to find the 5 must-watch classic family-friendly films to watch with your kids. You can access classic entertainment for your family-movie nights by having a working tv aerial. Click here for TV aerial installation.

Home Alone

As a rite of passage, Home Alone is a movie that every kid needs to watch. The story begins with the McCallister family going on a Christmas trip to Paris. However, things don’t go exactly as they planned (to say the least). Turns out, they forgot their son Kevin at home! The little kid, though, is having the time of his life watching gangster films, having ice cream for every meal, and turning the place upside down. However, a pair of burglars have caught sight of the home and are set on stealing (even though they suck at it). It’s now up to Kevin to save his home and himself from these (not very skilled) burglars. Rated PG.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

A movie night is not complete without having some magic involved. Find yourself in a world of wizards and witches, filled with magic wands and secret schools. Harry is a young boy who always felt like he did not fit in with the humans. Turns out, it’s because he is a wizard! The young boy finds himself in a world, unlike the one he’s always known. Adventure awaits as he begins his new life in the best magic school ever known-Hogwarts. However, the wizarding school is not without its dangers, and it’s up to Harry to save his new friends and the school.  


The story is a simple one. A boy. An Alien. They meet. Then they say goodbye, and then people everywhere watching this sob their eyes out. The way this story has been told though is what makes it so meaningful. An 80’s film that carries a very special message, ET is the perfect film to watch with your kids. It’s an emotional, heart-warming, and bittersweet movie that will fill your heart, which is why it’s on our list of classic family-friendly films

The parent Trap

Hallie’s idea of a summer camp was to have fun, make new friends, and maybe cause a little mischief. However, what her plan did not involve was meeting Annie, who looks exactly like her. And has the same birthday! When these twins figure out that they are, in fact, twins, they devise a plan to reunite their parents by switching places! The Parent Trap captures the hilarious attempt of the twins to make their parents fall in love again.

The Wizard of Oz

Another classic family-friendly film that is a must-watch for your family movie night is The Wizard of Oz. This fantasy storytelling has some of the best musicals and the most memorable characters that people have been enjoying for over 5 decades. Whipped away to the magical land of Oz, Dorothy and her dog await the adventure of their lifetime. The magical film is going to fill your children with awe and have them begging for their ruby shoes!


In Arendale, Ice is usually scarce. It’s a happy town filled with summery blooms and beautiful rulers. However, one of their daughters, Elsa, has the power to turn everything into ice. And that is where the trouble begins. The town finds itself in an eternal winter (yikes!) and Elsa is nowhere to be found. Now it’s up to Anna, Elsa’s younger sister to bring her sister back along with the summer. The adventure begins as she travels to the icy depths of the mountains with a weird young fella and his reindeer. The film is a perfect watch for siblings that bicker too much and for children who love snow!

Inside Out

This film is a complete rollercoaster of emotions, literally! Ever wondered how your emotions, well, worked? This film explains it all. When a young girl has to move from the Midwest to the west coast, her emotions go haywire. Sad, Happy, weird, this film will have you experiencing all different kinds of emotions!


Did you feel like being in the lockdown was the most boring thing ever? Well, Rapunzel has been in lockdown all her life! At 17, she is yet to see anything beyond the walls of the tower she has been in since she was born (or so she thinks). When a thief, Flynn, climbs her tower, thinking it’s abandoned, she (kind of) forces him to take her to see the floating lanterns she’s dreamed of seeing forever. Her little journey to fulfill her lifelong wish soon turns into an adventure that will change her life forever. Oh! And did we mention it? She has magic hair.