It does not matter if it is the time of year for tournaments or not, the country is always up to date with the news about sports. And one of the most popular ways some people have to inject excitement into matches is to bet on the results. One should Consider using any of these bonus & promotions types when playing online. In India, the passion for sports is present every day.

Yet, the betting laws in India are not clear enough on what legal sports betting could look like. Despite the fact that surveys say that 40% of people with internet access in the country are involved in this activity.

As we have all suffered, 2020 was a year in which many events were suspended, including sports. So the expectations for this year have grown in sporting terms, in the hope that all matches can be held. For this reason, here you can find 5 types of promotions with the highest demand and that you can find in any of the betting platforms.

  1. Free bet bonuses

One of the biggest fears when gambling means the possibility of losing money. However, these types of bonuses are designed to provide more confidence in bettors. They can be acquired for free, without the need to make a deposit and still having the possibility to collect the winnings in case the bet is successful.

Nevertheless, nowadays these types of no deposit bonuses are increasingly difficult to find, as shared in the report there, casinos are considering removing these types of promotions as they contribute with more losses than winnings. Moreover, the gambling industry is working on new strategies in order for people to be more conscious in terms of betting, so issues related to addiction can be avoided.

  1. Sign up or welcome bonuses

One of the strategies casinos has to attract new people is offering registration bonuses. These types of promotions are quite competitive among betting platforms, so you have to be very careful when choosing a casino and do not forget to read the fine print of the bonus to ensure that the conditions are well understood.

Normally, the bonus consists of a certain percentage of the money destined for the first deposit. This percentage varies and can be between 50 or 100% of the deposit.

  1. Cash bonuses

This type of bonus is very common in sports betting. Its high demand is because, once it is obtained, the money can be used for any bet and any event. Many casinos offer it when you register, so if you catch it you better take advantage of it.

  1. Reload bonuses

This bonus can be found after having already received your first bonus. Actually, it is, for this reason, it is called “reload bonuses”, even though its winning percentage is minor compared to the welcome bonus. Sometimes, this promotion is part of a special event, so we recommend that you do not always count on it.

  1. Bonus on loss

Yes, it is very likely that you will lose your bet. It is for this reason that some bookmakers have this type of bonus so that participants can “have a certain type of security” regardless of the result. In this way, the casino experience will be better, and the casino will maintain user loyalty. Consider using any of these bonus & promotions types when playing online.