Antioxidant play a very significant role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. Antioxidants helps in neutralising the adverse effects of free radicals, which in turn helps in preventing inflammatory diseases, chronic diseases and also helps to prevent cell damage. Making variations in diet is one of the successful ways to have different types of antioxidant. Fruits and vegetables are considered to be one of the best source of antioxidants but antioxidant drinks are equally effective. There are various myths prevailing regarding the benefits of antioxidant drinks. Let’s take a look on some of the most popular antioxidant daily drink mixes and evaluate them based on different factors, like content, sugar, ingredients used, and the nutrition value. Different Types Of Antioxidant Daily Drink Mix With Benefits.

Bottled Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular and effective antioxidant drinks, it is obtained from a plant name Camellia sinensis. Green tea is extremely rich in a compound name EGCG i.e. epigallocatechin gallate. If this tea is made without sugar or any other artificial sweetener then it provides great antioxidants benefits to the body. Right way to prepare green tea is to add little green tea powder or fresh tea leafs to boiling water. Brew it for sometime and it required add some natural honey. This will enhance the taste and will also add more nutrition value to the drink.


Matcha is also a form of tea which is prominently available in powdered form. This tea is prepared by adding a little matcha powder to hot water and then it is briskly mixed until a frothy tea is prepared. Match is the only tea which is made using the entire leaf of the tea plant, this makes it a high concentrate antioxidant daily drink mix. Taking this drink on regularly makes in preventing liver damage and also growth of cancer cells. Research done on a group people revealed that, intake of matcha tea also helps in improving memory and concentration more as compared to any other antioxidant drink. Like green tea this tea should also be prepared without artificial sweetener and artificial flavour.

Brewed Cold Coffee

 Coffee is considered to be a very effective source of antioxidants that helps in fighting deadly diseases. One interesting fact about coffee is that it has higher antioxidant properties than fresh fruits and vegetables. Brewed coffee is loaded with chlorogenic acid, Rubin, caffeic etc which is good for maintaining immunity. Individuals consuming a cup of black cold coffee everyday are protected from heart diseases, liver alignment and cancer.

 Cold brewed coffee without sugar and milk (any other dairy product) is a great source of antioxidant and also a very tasty drink to enjoy. It is also available in several flavours like Creamy Cappuccino, salty caramel, double espresso and so on. Note, all of these are not dairy free flavours, so make sure to check before consumption.

Beet Juice 

Beet root have high antioxidant property and is also high on betalains (phenolic compound), this is why beet root has a vibrant red colour. Like other this juice also provides protection against cancer, heart alignment and inflammation. When mixed any other fruit juice like apple, bilberry etc forms an even stronger antioxidant drink. One need to ensure not to add any artificial flavour to enhance the taste, as this an intervened with the benefits obtained. Try to keep the drink as natural and as organic as possible.

Acai Juice

This juice is made from fresh acai berry, which is one of the most popular fruit in central and southern region of America. This drink is rich in isoorientin, orientin and vanillin.

As per a journal published in seven athletes, intake of acai berry regularly is very effective in lowering cholesterol in blood and also fasten the repair of damaged muscles. Hence, people suffering from bone or muscle problems must include this juice in their diet.

As this fruit as natural sugar content so even if no artificial sugar is added it is still high in calories. Hence, it is important to take this drink in moderate quantity for better health.

Coconut Water

It will not be wrong to call coconut water a miracle drink. It is not only rich in antioxidants but also rich in multi-nutrients such as vitamin c, magnesium, potassium and so on. Replacing regular water with coconut water also helps in keeping body hydrated and there is no side effect of the same. Research has further revealed that coconut water is very helpful in keeping liver healthy and in controlling the stress level. It is natural and should be consumed without any addition of ingredients. It is slightly sweet and taste good when served cold or normal temperature. Different Types Of Antioxidant Daily Drink Mix With Benefits.

The anticipation drinks we discussed are all very beneficial for providing better health but it is very important to know about the drinks in detail and then start its consumption to avoid any adverse effect. Try to take the drinks in natural form and do not add any artificial sweetener, flavour or colour. Remember the most natural a drink is the more beneficial it is for the body. Also, taking expert advice is beneficial in this regard.