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Google has introduced Web Stories to bring a visual experience on Discover. The update will help users find some of the best visual content from around the web. According to Google, the Stories carousel is now available in India, the US and Brazil and can be found at the top of Discover. Google is working with a diverse group of publishers and creation tools in these countries to collaborate on the product and build out its features. According to Google, Web Stories will be available in English and Hindi in India.

As per the official Google blog, Discover is the feed of articles consisting of a range of topics from across the web. When a user opens their Google app on Android and iOS, if they swipe below (for iOS) and swipe right from Android they will find Discover.

As per the blog, to browse stories, one needs to tap on a Story on the shelf to enter an experience that is full-screen and immersive. Users need to tap to move forward to the next page, or swipe to an entirely different Story in the carousel.

 Google introduces Web Stories to bring more immersive visual experience on Discover

Google Web Stories

The blog adds that for creators and publishers, the Web Stories are entirely under their direction, much like any other content on the website. There is not extra revenue share for Story ads and Story authors are in control of hosting, sharing and adding links to those Stories.

Furthermore, since Web Stories are an extension of a website, some early adopters are now able to showcase their stories on their homepage, social channels, newsletters and more.

The blog reveals that Web Stories can be created by anyone and more than 2,000 websites have already published Stores that have been indexed by Google.

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