Buying a home based on its attractive appearance without noticing some glaring design flaws can prove expensive sometimes. You must have got enamored by the decoration of space so much so that you didn’t realize something critical was missing from it. What do you think it entails? Well, storage space tends to be one of the most integral aspects of a well-organized and neat house. Even if there is everything, the absence or availability of fewer options will lead to disappointment, especially if you are a bit of a hoarder type who likes to keep things handy out of hobby or need.  

So, are you in a similar situation and worrying about what to do? The good thing about today’s world is you get anything you desire. Although you don’t have enough storage solutions, you can get a little innovative to fix the issue. Do you need some help? Here are helpful suggestions for you.

Kitchen storage


Let’s begin with the hectic space of your house. You can increase its storage capacity through different things, such as a wood-top side shelf, under-cabinet rack for a wineglass, slide-out storage tower, fridge rack, hanging rack, and others. The wooden corner shelf with three levels can fit into any corner elevating its ability to store your coffee mugs and accessories. You can get one for even a cramped area. Do you have a bar? In that case, a rack suitable for hanging down your prized tall wine glasses from under the cabinet can come in handy. Trust this idea to enhance your kitchen’s professional appeal.

Some kitchens scream for more space due to the limited cabinet area. You can bring in a slide-out storage tower with racks to store your little spice bottles. After all, they also occupy a lot of space. If you cannot use the floor, you have your fridge to fall back upon for additional storage needs. Get a functional and aesthetic fridge rack that attaches itself easily to your refrigerator. A few models allow you to keep them on the floor as well.

Another is the magnetic stove shelf where you can put your regular use items like oil, salt, and pepper for quick access. Then, of course, you cannot ignore hanging racks. Although they can go anywhere, your kitchen may have some place for it.

Bathroom storage

While minor corrections like switching to modern sink faucets may seem easy to achieve, you may worry about the lack of cabinets and drawers in this busy space that should look neat and uncluttered at all times. Well, there are enough ways to ensure this. Generally, bathrooms include toilet paper holders that can only store them and nothing else. Instead, you can get something with a door to put away your extra rolls and cleaning materials.

If you see some space above your sink cabinet, you can put a three-tier wall rack there. Since it will be closer to the faucet, you can store your daily toiletries in them. If you don’t want to add anything else than a mirror there, you can keep your wooden rack on the ground. If you’re going to delve into a more organic feel, choose bamboo material for this feature. While it adds functionality, your bathroom will also look mesmerizing with this simple touch. 

Some people believe in optimizing the space, no matter how small or large it is. For example, if you want that sink area to have a mirror above its head, why not add something with a jewelry organizer? Today, even well-lit mirror storage options are available. You can hang your earrings in them. It will be an excellent opportunity to show off your curated collection and increase your bathroom’s aesthetics too. To be precise, it can be a jazzy addition. However, you don’t have to go for this if it isn’t your style. You can go with something more subtle but notice-worthy, such as a hanging rack. Nowadays, you get them with leather hooks. So it can be pretty fascinating to include them.

Living room storage

Your living area is another corner of the house where you can have tens of thousands of stuff to store. If there is no space for an additional item, look for a thin console table with three racks that can easily adorn the area behind the couch. It can hold your books, DVDs, and other items effortlessly. Do you love something with rustic flair? You get many varieties that offer a fair balance between new and old charm. Then, the wall is another area that you can utilize. So if you see empty walls, you can add racks to hang some of the things you feel are display-worthy. 

Like the bathroom, you can also get something with leather hooks. While it solves your living room’s storage problem, you can also utilize it to give an aesthetic twist.

Bedroom storage

Although choices are numerous, how about adding a velvet storage bench? You can use this to keep your bed clutter-free. When it comes to this particular corner of the house, you may want to be a little extravagant with your taste because it is less like to suffer wear and tear than those kept in other areas. Your unused sheets and blankets can also go in there. Besides, you can use it as your footstool to wear your shoes when in a hurry.

Essentially, you don’t need to lose your sleep over your home purchase after realizing what kind of design blunder it has. However, it doesn’t mean you needn’t be careful about this. Because owning a house is expensive, you have to make every effort to make your investment safe. Adding cabinets or other such features can be laborious and money-consuming. You can avoid them altogether if you study every corner of the house properly beforehand. Otherwise, you may have to be innovative with your choices to make the best use of your already. And remember, these are only four major parts of the home that you frequent the most, but other spaces like the garage also deserve special treatment if you want to use them well.