Now days DD Free dish viwers want more channels on thear TV.
They are always trying to cheak dish tv free to air channels.
Or tuning other satalites.
So hear is a updated list of Afgansat 48east.

– Rta Tv
– ATv Afghan
– Zhwandoon Tv
– 3Sport
– 1Tv Afghan HD
– Khurshid Tv HD
– Kabul News
– Maiwand Tv
– Afghan Tv HD
– Rah-e-Farda Tv
– Parliament Tv
– Khawar Tv
– Shamshad Tv HD
– Rta News HD
– Mitra Tv
– Aria Tv HD
To watch thees channels you have to tune your dish to afgansat 48 east.
And add thees freqvencys.

TP 11295 V 27500

Note – If you Dont have any knowledge then don’t tune your dish by yourself.
Just call your dth delar.