In this article, we are going to tell you how to write a film essay and give a universal short plan.

Why write film essays?

Essays play an important role in student development. Written speech is more complicated than oral speech: if a speaker lacking in competence can hide behind charisma, then the main weapon of an author of written text is argumentation, consistency, and literacy. Essays develop students’ ability to analyze information, make logical connections based on various data, and formulate conclusions.

The ability to correctly and consistently express your thoughts is the basis of the persuasion skill that every successful professional needs.

The one-stop film essay plan

The task of the student is to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the plot, to explain what feelings the movie creates, to express a personal attitude to the story and characters, and to argue this point of view. A universal essay writing plan is something like this:

  1. Introduction. It should take two-three sentences, no more. At the beginning of the essay, you can indicate several interesting facts from the life of the director, take a short turn into the history of the film’s creation, and tell what place it occupies in the director’s work.
  2. Plot. After the introduction, show the teacher that you have watched the movie and write a little about the place and time of the film. Again, do not stretch this information over several pages: you can be sure that the teacher is familiar with the content of the movie. It is best to allocate three-five sentences for this section.
  3. Analysis. This is the bulk of your essay. Tell about your attitude towards the characters and the circumstances in which they fell. Do not forget to argue the point of view: why some characters seem positive but others do not, and if it is really so simple. A great move is to draw a parallel with other films and their characters, compare the behavior of the characters and their actions. These works do not have to belong to one director or genre, but preferably to one era. If you are reviewing a movie based on a book, compare the writer and director’s vision of the characters and tell if the behavior and motives of the characters are the same.
  4. Conclusion. Summarize the analysis briefly by telling what moral questions the director raises in the film and whether he or she answers them.

Let’s say that you need to write a film essay on the  movie “Soul.” Your paper may start as follows:

Joe Gardner is a school music teacher, but since childhood, he dreamed of a career as a jazzman. Each time, something interferes with his plans, and now it seems that a real chance is coming: the man is invited to audition for the group of the famous saxophonist Dorothea Williams. Joe successfully passes the casting, but in joy, he does not notice the open hatch on the road and falls there. The next thing he sees is a staircase to the sky and a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is not easy to master such a complex genre as a film essay: you need serious preparation and knowledge of the movie industry. However, with the presented plan, you can achieve a good result. Good luck!