Indeep Bakshi Attacked by Goons, Singer Locks Himself up After Colleague Gets Accused in Suicide Case

Singer Indeep Bakshi, known for songs Saturday Saturday and Kala Chashma, has put himself under house arrest in Delhi after he was attacked by random people multiple times. The popular singer has been given death threats by goons after he collaborated with singer Sumit Goswami for an album. Sumit is currently in jail for allegedly abetting the suicide of a businessman named Aman Baisla who had named the singer before death and accused him of not returning his money. Also Read – Kanika Kapoor is Under Stress Due to Negativity And Rumours While Battling Coronavirus, Friend Indeep Bakshi Gives Support

Now, ever since Bakshi’s song titled Raaj with Goswami came out, people have been sending him threats and also not sparing his family members on social media. As reported by Spotboye, the Punjabi singer is very disturbed by how people have been behaving with him for working with the accused. Also Read – Indeep Bakshi to host dating reality TV show

In his interview with the portal, Bakshi said that he had no idea while he was working with Goswami that the man is going to be accused in a case because he’s just professionally associated with him. The singer was quoted as saying, “I am an artist-producer, how would I be aware of someone’s personal life as I was only professionally associated with that person, that too on behalf of a song shot via the company. It doesn’t mean I am involved. For the company, controversy is good, that is totally their concern. I spoke to them, too. Earlier, this track was going to come in November. Then the video went viral (in which the deceased is seen naming Goswami as the reason behind his death). The track was shot two months ago, and came out in October.” Also Read – Indeep Bakshi rubbishes reports of his car accident:’I’m fine’

Bakshi revealed that he fears for his life as wherever he goes, he has a problem in figuring out who are his fans and who are looking at him to attack him. He said that he recently made a social media post on his father’s birthday and people gave him threats there writing ‘maar denge’ in the comments. Some also wrote ‘panga kyu liya’ on the bonnet of his car while also breaking his car-windows. “I’m not against anyone, I have only written the rap. More than half of the artists are scared of working with me now, because of the threats. My mom is crying all day long, I don’t know what to do. If you want, I will even stop singing as for me, my family is everything,” he said.

Bakshi also went on to reveal that he was all set to participate in the reality game show Bigg Boss 14. However, due to this incident, he lost out on that opportunity and is currently locked in his house.

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