Jaan Sanu’s Mother Rita Bhattacharya Reacts to Rahul Vaidya’s Nepotism Statement During Bigg Boss 14 Nominations

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya nominated another contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu and gave a senseless reason that ‘he is nominating Jaan because he is a product of nepotism’. Rahul’s exact words were ‘Mujhe Nepotism Se Sakht Nafrat Hain’. Jaan happens to be the son of legendary singer Kumar Sanu. Now, Jaan’s mother Rita Bhattacharya has reacted to Rahul vaidya’s comment and has criticised him for the same. In an interview with Spotboye, she told, “If Rahul feels that Jaan is in the show because of nepotism then how come they are both on the same platform right now? If according to Rahul there is a difference between the insider and outsider then how come he is on the same platform where my son is? Jaan’s father Kumar Sanu has sung almost 23000 songs till now so being his son he must have at least sang 23 songs in the industry with his father’s support. But aisa nahi hai kyunki Jaan ne jo kuch bhi achieve kiya hai apni badolat aya hai. (But it isn’t so because whatever Jaan has achieved, he has done it on his own).” Also Read – Bigg Boss 14 October 26 Episode Major Highlights: Rahul Vaidya, Jaan Kumar, Nikki Tamboli, Pavitra Nominated For Eviction

Rita Bhattacharya also revealed that Kumar Sanu didn’t want Jaan to go to Bigg Boss 14 but it was all his choice to enter the show. She goes on and said: “Jaan’s Dad didn’t want him to go and do this show but it was Jaan’s choice as he wanted to prove himself. In spite of knowing the fact that how well his son can sing, film industry mein ek music director ya composer nahi hai jinhe unhone kaha ho to give him a chance. Because we completely believe that our children have to make their own name. If they are good, the public will accept it and if they are not they will not.” Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Captain Kavita Kaushik Shows Her Authoritative Presence, Teaches Discipline To Fellow Inmates

After the video was out, Twitter user applauded Rahul for daring to speak of nepotism on Bigg Boss 14. Soon, ‘nepotism’ started trending on Twitter. One user wrote, “Rahul Vaidya, well done, finally, someone had the guts to say this.”

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