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PUBG ruled the gaming industry in India during its run and enjoyed a big fanbase. But strings were cut suddenly after the game was included among the 118 apps getting banned in the country. Despite efforts put in by PUBG Corporation, the union government refused to revoke the ban put on the game. However, a recent ad for a job posting in India has led people to believe that the developers are looking at a probable comeback in the country.

 PUBG might come back to India as PUBG Corporation posts job vacancy on LinkedIn

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The job advert was posted on the job hunting website LinkedIn by PUBG Corporation on a few days ago.

The title for the job is Corporate Development Division Manager – India and the location of the post says Delhi, India. The full-time associate-level job requires the candidate to work from home in India “or the city where PUBG India will be set up”. The job description speaks of supporting the setup process of PUBG India with guidance from the headquarters at Krafton Inc. the candidate has to take part in corporate strategic planning processes, develop an investment strategy for the gaming and related sectors, and work closely with internal leaders and external advisors.

At the time of writing, more than 200 applicants had registered for the position. It is expected that PUBG Corporation is confident of making a return to the country when they are appointing workforce to manage the process.

Early in September, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) announced that 118 applications, including the popular gaming app PUBG, were getting banned in India. Since then PUBG makers have tried hard to reverse the ban by declaring that they have cut ties with Tencent to handle its franchise in India among other things.

But little has worked as the government announced that the ban is a permanent one. The ministry made it clear that the ban will not be revoked not because it was a Chinese app but owing to its violent nature.

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