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The free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale game Apex Legends is coming to Steam on the same day as the release of season 7 of Apex Legends, its publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has announced recently. In a post, Chad Grenier, Game Director of Apex Legends, wrote that Apex Legends will be releasing on 4 November on Steam. However, the post also bore sad news for Switch players. Grenier shared that the team will need “more time” to bring the game to Nintendo Switch and it will be available by next year.

 Apex Legends to arrive on Steam on 4 November; Switch release delayed till next year

Apex Legends

He said that the year had brought forth some “unexpected new challenges” and the developers are working hard so that they can bring “justice to the game”. Grenier promised that when Apex Legends hits Switch, it will come with cross-platform play support, the latest seasonal content and “full feature parity with the other versions of the game”.

The publisher had announced during its EA Play press conference earlier that Apex Legends, along with several other titles, was coming to Steam and Switch by fall of 2020. Following this, the developer of the game Respawn Entertainment had announced that they will be giving away “special gun charms” to Steam players to celebrate the news. They partnered with Valve to design the ‘Half-Life’ and ‘Portal’ inspired gun charms that were promised to players as free limited-time login rewards.

These games will be available apart from its home address of EA Origin. Earlier in August, EA had announced that it was bringing EA Access and Origin Access Basic under a single roof of EA Play to simplify searching for its services in the streaming market. The rebranded subscription game services of Electronic Arts came to Steam on 31 August.

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