Whether your goal is to focus on your work, get better grades in school, or be sharp, there are different reasons to boost your brainpower. But maintaining psychological well-being is as important as these reasons are. Tracy Dennis, professor of psychology at Hunter College, says that stress & anxiety are the two most common health problems people face these days. Mental health changes affect every part of our lives, such as physical health, educational productivity, sense of well-being, & involvement in the community. This article describes best brain training games:-

Well, brain training can help you to improve your memory, logic skills, and response time. According to research, the relationship is complicated between brain games and improved cognitive function. If you want to do fun & make your brain sharp then, try these smart brain games that can help you to improve your mental focus & fitness.

Brain Games For Adults 

Brain games for adults have a variety of puzzle-solving and physics calculation mind games for you to keep your mind sharp. You can install this brain training game on your android smartphone and earn points by giving answers to the question. This mind game offline will increase your mind senses and make your brain smart to solve puzzles & logical questions. If you think you are intelligent, you can test your intelligence by using brain games for adults. The games have a good collection of easy & fun memory games that make you challenge your brain with these smart brain games.

Sudoku Free Puzzle brain games:

Sudoku is an addictive brain puzzle game that you can download from Google Play. You can download the brain game on your smartphone without paying money. This amazing game has more than 5000 challenging sudoku puzzles to test your mind intelligence. The mind game offline updates the game every week by adding 100 new sudokus. Classic sudoku logical number-based puzzle game, the goal is to place the digits from 1 to 9 into each grid cell. So, each digit can appear only once in each row, column, and mini-grid. You can enjoy the sudoku mind games offline anywhere when you want, and you can also learn the secret sudoku techniques from the app description.


Lumosity is one of the best and popular brain games for brain training and mental fitness. You need to register for an account for free to play three amazing games per day, or you can subscribe to the paid version of the games for more offerings. Lumosity smart brain game allows you to keep track of your results & improvements for the games you play.

The game is a fun game for the user that tests your mental fitness and makes your brain’s senses stronger. You can play the games on their official website, and you can also download the app free of cost for Android & iOS.


Crosswords is a classic training smart brain game that accesses your verbal language and accesses your memory from a different dimension of knowledge. You can solve so many crossword puzzles offline and online as well. If you are a newspaper reader, you must find the crossword puzzle in the newspaper or pick up a crossword book that is best suited to your skill level & interests.

You can also find so many varieties of puzzles free of cost for online & offline apps. The AARP website provides you with a daily crossword puzzle for free to all the users, whether you are a member of the group or not.


To play the Elevates 35 different and unique brain games with a strong educational feel, you need to download an app. It has a free app for Android and iOS, along with tens of thousands of good reviews. This brain games app offers the user the feature of the in-app purchase features for more amazing features.

Elevates smart brain games center focus on writing, reading, speaking, and math solving skills. You can customize the brain training by focusing on whichever areas you want to prefer. You can track your brain sense to progress to see how your skills improve with the brain games.

Happy Neuron:

Happy Neuron is a web-based platform for mind games that has a variety of brain games. Its games & activities are divided into five critical areas of the brain: memory, language, executive functions, attention, and visual. These brain testing games personalize the training to make you fit, track your progress. These games are designed on scientific research to test your IQ. To play these mind games, you need to pay money for the monthly subscription. Android is also available for Android smartphone users.


In this article, we have discussed the best brain training games for adults. Usually, people play games for the time pass, but some people play brain games to test their IQ or increase their intelligence. Choosing the best one is difficult as there are so many options for mind games. So, you can select one game from the above list.