Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the biggest cities in the country and enjoys a metropolitan status. Famous for its rich culture and heritage left behind by the kings and queens of this region, it is known for its temples and its people. What people don’t talk enough about, however, is the street food in this beautiful city! Here is our list of the best street foods in Chennai. But before that – are you an aspiring investor? Try gold! Click here to find the gold rate today in Vijaywada.

Here are the 7 best street foods of Chennai:


Think of Bhajji as the south-Indian forms of Pakodas. They’re quite popular as munchies for the locals in Chennai, and everyone loves to have some good bhajji with its tangy chutneys on a rainy day. If you ever visit Chennai, be sure to try one of these! Looking to invest? Know more about the gold rate today in Chennai.

Kothu Parotta

Parotta is one of the finest forms of cuisine delicacies South India has to offer to us. It is made of refined flour (maida) and served quite similarly to chapatis, except that they are much thicker and arguably tastier on their own. The speciality of Kothu Parotta however is the use of shredded ingredients in its dough! Sometimes it’s created with eggs, other times chicken, and for vegetarians with vegetables.


As the name itself suggests the Jigarthandai primarily originated as a summer drink and now continues to be a favourite amongst Chennai residents. Primarily made with milk, sugar, and almonds – it is the perfect beverage on a hot summer day for those living in Chennai.  

Idli Sambar

Come on, we certainly cannot start a list of street foods in Chennai and miss out on this classic. If you don’t know, Idlis are made of steamed rice batter and served with the wonderful south Indian curry we call Sambar. It is one of the most popular breakfast foods in South India and quite accessible to everyone thanks to its reasonable rates in little breakfast places.


Murukku is sort of like a fritter made of rice flour, cumin seeds, salt, and besan. It is orange in colour and looks very much like a jalebi. It acts as one of the most common snacks in Chennai and is available in almost any general store. Planning a trip to Chennai? Buy some of these for your journey in between destinations!


Ah, if you don’t know about this South-Indian wonder yet, you’re in for a ride! Idiyappam is a dish that looks much like noodles – as it is made of rice flour pressed into strings or noodles. It is used quite like rice and bread are, along with a good curry or side dish. Be sure to check out a nice street place serving these hot and spicy foods in Chennai.

Podi Dosai

These might look just like dosa, but that is only until you actually take a real bite! Podi Dosa is basically ordinary dosa with a twist – some Idli Podi is added to it. Idli Podi is a favourite among South Indians and refers to a side dish made mainly out of red chillies and lentils. So keep your glass of milk next to you before trying this spicy surprise!