Hats are one of the best ways to accessorize and hide the bad hair days. When you choose the perfect hats, you can showcase your personality. This is why most men prefer wearing cowboy hats. The style of the cowboy hats is unique and classy. Cowboy hats are one of the most famous types of hats available in the market. 

Despite the season, you can wear them almost any time of the wear. You can also choose different types of outfits to pair with cowboy hats. However, just like other hats, you might face difficulties styling them properly. 

The cowboy hats will help you showcase your western fashion statement when dressed properly. If you want to purchase cowboy hats but don’t know much about them, make sure you read this article to the end. 

What is a Cowboy Hat?

If you don’t know why cowboy hats are one of the best fashion accessories for men, we will enlighten you. The high-quality cowboy hats for men feature a wide brim and a high crown. This is a sign that represents western culture. 

The cowboy hats are extremely effective at protecting your head, face, and eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Apart from the hot summer months, the cowboy hats are also great for the rainy season. They are waterproof and come in various colors and designs. 

History of the Cowboy Hats 

The wide-brimmed and functional cowboy hats were introduced to the market back in the days of 1865. They were used to worn by cowboys and Mexican ranchers. However, the design of the traditional cowboy hats was slightly different from the design of modern cowboy hats. 

Due to the introduction of new fabrics as well as design options, the cowboy hats have undergone a couple of transformations. The first cowboy hats were created by John B. Stetson in 1865. 

The traditional cowboy hats featured a pinched crown that helped people to hold the hat properly. The brim of the traditional cowboy hats was slightly curved to protect it from the sun. 

Just like other timeless fashion accessories, the modern cowboy hats are more of a style segment than a functional one. Even though they are extremely capable of preventing UV rays from damaging your eyes, most men choose cowboy hats to boost their fashion appeal. 

When Do You Need to Wear Cowboy Hats?

As there are different types of cowboy hats available in the market, you need to consider the place and time while wearing them. They are best during the summer months and monsoon. However, you can also wear them during winter. 

Due to their protective brim, they are ideal for the summer or warmer months. If you’re planning to travel to someplace that is warmer, the cowboy hats should be the first thing you need to choose. Additionally, they are trendy and one of the best hats in the market. This is why you can pair them with different outfits that will help you showcase your fashion statement. 

They will help you look more sophisticated when paired with a coat or a blazer. They will also look good if you’re focusing on informal or casual attire. As per Iscginc, casual dresses can boost your productivity.

How Can You Wear the Cowboy Hats?

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of cowboy hats available in the market and therefore, they are different ways you can style the cowboy hats. If you’re focusing on neutral yet classy cowboy hat options, you need to pair them with different types of outfits so that you can create the perfect western vibe. 

You can also improvise the patterns and colors to create a more whimsical and playful appearance. You can also choose a darker tone that will make you look more mysterious as well as edgy. However, make sure you’re not showcasing a negative vibe with the cowboy hats. Even though you can wear plain jeans and t-shirts with cowboy hats, you need to focus on other essential accessories such as jackets as per your preferences. 

While choosing how you can wear the cowboy hats, make sure you always consider the cowboy hat etiquette. This is something that you should never forget if you want to look like a gentleman in a cowboy hat. You need to remove the cowboy hats while entering a building or having lunch or dinner with someone. You also need to tip your hat while greeting someone. 

What Type of Cowboy Hats You Should Purchase?

While most cowboy hats come with an identical shape as well as a brim and a pinched crown, they also come in different styles as per the finishes, color, shapes, and fabrics. Here are some popular styles you need to choose for the cowboy hats:

  • The tracker: This type of cowboy hat features a smaller brim, where one side is rolled upward for a great asymmetrical look. 
  • The pinched front: This type of cowboy hat features two different pinches that will create a V shape. 
  • The flat: This type of cowboy hat comes with a rounded top and a flat brim for a more seamless look. 
  • The Cattleman: They are the most popular cowboy hats available in the market. They feature a curved brim and three deep creases in the crown. 

These different types of cowboy hats also come in different patterns as well as colors. Not to mention, you can also choose from different fabrics. Make sure you pay close attention while choosing the cowboy hats. 

How Can You Choose the Best Cowboy Hats?

Before you determine how you can style the cowboy hats, there are a couple of things you need to consider while choosing the perfect cowboy hats. Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Color 
  • Price 
  • Material 
  • Fit 
  • Style 
  • Quality 

Price and quality are something that you need to pay close attention to while purchasing cowboy hats. If you want high-quality, durable, and waterproof cowboy hats, you need to spend more. On the other hand, if you want something affordable for a costume party, the cheaper cowboy hats will do a great job. 


This is everything you need to know about cowboy hats to choose the perfect one. Make sure you visit our website so that you can choose the perfect cowboy hats as per your requirements.