Wearing men’s shorts can be tricky. It’s easy to commit a fashion faux pas if you choose to wear shorts. This is probably the reason why some men don’t like to wear them. Then there are those guys who stick to their athletic and cargo shorts. Shorts can be very comfortable to wear especially during summer. Guys don’t need to be scared of wearing shorts. They just need to know how to choose the right style. And that is what this article is for. This serves as a guide for wearing men’s shorts but doesn’t know-how.

Consider your body shape

To choose the right men’s shorts the first thing that you need to consider is your body shape and type. If you’re tall and have skinny legs, don’t think that all kinds of shorts will look bad on you. You’re probably afraid to be called skinny legs. This is the reason why many tall guys avoid wearing shorts. But there’s hope for you. You just need to choose the right shorts. First of all, you need to avoid wearing baggy shorts. These will only make your legs look skinnier. If you wear baggy shorts, it will appear as though you’ve bought the wrong size. You need to choose shorts with a slim or skinny cut. Baggy shorts are more appropriate on shorter men with wider legs.

How to wear shorts

You also need to know the rules on wearing shorts. They are quite simple though. If you’re planning to wear casual shorts then you need to pair it with a casual top. You would look foolish if you wore a long-sleeved shirt with casual shorts. If you want to wear a tailored pair of shorts, then you can pair it with a slim-fitting shirt. Tailored shorts are actually more versatile because they go well with different kinds of tops. They just don’t go well with t-shirts that are too loose. If you’re wearing athletic shorts then you can wear a t-shirt or a jersey for your top.

With regards to color

You can get men’s shorts in different colors. But you need to know that there are also fashion rules with regards to color. Break them and the fashion police will be on your tail. Your primary consideration in choosing color is your skin tone. If you have pale skin, then you need to avoid wearing shorts with bright colors. They will only make your skin appear paler. You also need to avoid shorts with Haiwaiian patterns because of the same reason. The best colors for people with pale white skin are neutral ones such as beige or even navy. Leave the brightly colored shorts to men with darker skin.

Your choice of footwear

You may have seen older men wear shorts with socks and sandals. Don’t make this mistake. It’ll make you look old. The best footwear for men’s shorts are flip flops. If you must wear sandals then just ditch the socks. If you’re wearing casual shorts, then it’s acceptable to wear loafers or even boat shoes. If you want to wear your Jordans then you better pair them with athletic shorts.