KBC 12 October 22 Episode Highlights: Jay Dhonde From New Delhi Takes Home Rs. 3,20,000

KBC 12 October 22 Episode Highlights: Tonight’s episode of KBC 12 begins with host Amitabh Bachchan welcoming the audience and roll-over contestant Jay Dhonde from New Delhi. He works in Zomato as a City operation Head of Logistics. He wants to open a small restaurant for his mother. Jay belongs from a Maharashtrian family. He and his wife is expecting their first baby. Also Read – KBC 12 October 21 Episode Highlights: Farhar Naz Could Not Tackle Rs 50,00,000 Question, Can You Give It a Try?

Here Are The Toughest Questions From Tonight’s Episode:

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Q. Which dish is said to have ‘chaar yaar’? Also Read – KBC 12 October 19 Episode Highlights: This is The Question Swarupa Deshpande Could Not Tackle, Can You Answer It?

A. Khichdi

Q. Which is the feature of the recession?

A. Unemployment

Q. What was the Good news in Good Newzz film?

A. Pregnancy

Q. What is blood mostly made of?

A. Plasma

Q. What was the first category of products sold on Amazon.com?

A. Books

Q. Which actress is among a group of film professionals from India who was invited to Oscars 2020?

A. Alia Bhatt

Q. Which 2018 film is inspired by the folk legend of Karnataka called NAale Baa, which means ‘come tomorrow’ in Kannada?

A. Stree

Q. Which Indian batsmen have scored two double centuries in back to backtest series in 2019?

A. Mayank Aggarwal

Q. Which Lok Sabha constituency has been represented by a son, his mother, and his father?

A. Chhindwara

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