KBC 12 October 28 Episode Highlights: Chhavi Kumar, Who Becomes First Contestant To Reach Rs 1 Crore Question, Takes On The Hot Seat

Tonight’s episode of KBC 12 begins with host Amitabh Bachchan welcoming the audience and begins the game with roll-over contestant Gautam Kumar. Also Read – KBC 12 October 27 Episode Highlights: Will Chhavi Kumar Be Able To Answer Rs 1 Crore Question? Find Out Here

Here Are The Toughest Questions From Tonight’s Episode:

Q. Before joining India in 1954, Puducherry was ruled by which colonial power? Also Read – Amitabh Bachchan Gets Surprised By KBC 12 Contestant’s Wish: Will Use Prize Money to Get Wife’s Plastic Surgery

A. France Also Read – KBC 12 October 26 Episode Highlights: Chhavi Kumar Reaches Rs 1 Crore Question, Will She Become The First Crorepati?

Q. Which of these insects dies after it stings a person?

A. Honeybee

Q. ‘Rashmirathi’, a poem by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, is centered around the life of which character from the Mahabharata?

A. Karan

Gautam Kumar quits the show and takes home Rs 80,000. Big B rolls out the fastest finger-first question and Chhavi Kumar, who will be reaching the Rs 1 crore question, takes up the hot seat. he is a proud wife of an AIR Force Officer. She is an English teacher and informally counsels young wives of the Air force family, in order to contribute to the country. Her husband is an Air Traffic Control Officer in the Indian Air Force. In every 2-3 years, he gets transferred to another location and the whole family has to shift to a different city. In the past 17 years, they have shifted to almost 8 cities. Currently, they are staying in Delhi. As she takes the hot seat, she shares a couplet dedicated to Amitabh Bachchan.

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