KBC 12 October 30 Live Episode: Design Engineer Shivani Sankpal From Pune Takes Hot Seat

Tonight’s episode of KBC 12 begins with host Amitabh Bachchan welcoming the audience and begins the game with roll-over contestant Shivani Sankalp who is a Design Engineer. 24-years-old Shivani is from Pune who is working hard to secure her future independently With the prize money, she wants to renovate her house in the village as it was her late father’s childhood place. For the past 2 years, Shivani has been working as a Junior Design Engineer. Her work is to prepare general arrangement drawings, manufacturing drawings, and she is also working on development projects. Till date, she has designed approx. 50-60 cranes. Her father died due to a heart-attack when she was 4-months-old. Also Read – KBC 12 October 29 Episode Highlights: Chhavi Kumar Could Not Tackle Rs 1 Crore Question, Takes Home Rs 50 Lakh

Here Are The Toughest Questions From Tonight’s Episode:

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Q. Which gods are also known as Shambhu Nandan and Gauri Nandan? Also Read – KBC 12 October 27 Episode Highlights: Will Chhavi Kumar Be Able To Answer Rs 1 Crore Question? Find Out Here

A. Lord Ganesha

Q. Nathu La, Rohtang La and Shipkli La are all types of?

A. Mountain passes

Q. Which city will host the 2022 Asian Games?

A. Hangzhou

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