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Soon users will be able to adjust the background noise using an AI-based feature in Microsoft Teams. The new update will allow Teams to suppress surrounding noise, clicking of pens or typing on keyboards. Teams already had such a feature but the under development feature seen in the firm’s Microsoft 365 roadmap will let users opt for a ‘High’ noise suppression that will effectively bring all background disruptive noises to a minimum during a meeting.

 Microsoft Teams to get a new AI-based noise suppression feature from next month

Image: Microsoft

The feature is scheduled for release in November of 2020 and was first spotted by the tech portal Windows Latest. The report added that Microsoft has been working on the feature for quite some time and it even used internal company meetings as the model for developing the noise cancellation update.

The feature is going to analyze users’ audio feed and use Microsoft’s own deep neural networks to reduce the sound of the unwelcome background sound. The new ‘high’ settings is going to suppress more noise than ever and the AI model will keep analyzing the audio feed of users in the background to work properly.

Another video conferencing firm Zoom also has the noise suppression feature. Users can go to the audio settings and use the cursor to choose the level of suppression they want. Usually it is set at ‘Auto’ and users are advised to select the ‘low’ option when they want to optimize music in the video calls.

The new update to the background noise elimination will help both online classroom participants as well as company meetings. With the increased use of Teams, it is understandable that the firm is making online meetings better. The number of meetings conducted via Microsoft apps has been on a rise as indicated by CEO Satya Nadella during the June quarter ending. The company had reportedly surpassed five billion meeting minutes in one day as presented in the earnings call.

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