Naagin 5 October 10, 2020 Written Update: Real Cheel Aka Dheeraj Dhoopar Enters Bani’s Life, Jay, Veer Fight With Each Other

Naagin 5 October 10, 2020 Written Update: Tonight’s episode begins with Veer dragging Mayuri inside the room and tells her to call Jay and ask him to come to the cliff near the Shiv temple. Jay then comes inside his bedroom and asks Mayuri to be with Bani so that she can’t meet Jay. Jay wonders about Mayuri’s call and what is cooking in the Singhania’s house and Parag Pahari. Mayuri and Bani get into a war of words and Mayuri thinks that it doesn’t matter to her what happens to Jay or Bani as long as she gets Adi Naagin’s power. Mayuri attacks Bani and she fell down and collapse after which Mayuri unlocks the bedroom door and Bani captures her. After being forced and attack by Bani, Mayuri reveals Veer’s plan to kill Jay. Also Read – Naagin 5 Star Sharad Malhotra Gets COVID-19, Surbhi Chandna Awaits Test Results

Bani goes to the Pahadi temple where Jay and Veer have already reached. Jay takes the form of Naag Raj and Veer, in his Cheel form grabs Naag Raj and drops him in the circle made by Singhania’s family members. Veer reveals to Jay that he knows his truth and that he killed his brother. Mayuri stops Bani’s car and the latter gets out of the car and drags away the car in the jungle as Mayuri sits inside. She then turns into Adi Naagin and goes to Pahadi to save Jay. However, Jay denies killing his brother but Veer is adamant to take revenge. Also Read – Naagin 5 September 27 Maha Episode, 2020 Written Update: Adi Naag Attacks Adi Naagin, Bani Saves Veer

Bani reaches the Pahadi and tells Jay that she is happy he is okay. Bani then tells Veer and his family that nor she neither Jay had killed his brother. In fact, somebody else killed him with the dragger. Jay thinks that due to all the confusion, he is saved. Jay’s father gets to know about his other son’s death and gets shattered. He tries to attack Bani for the conspiracy but Veer saves her and asks his father to leave. Also Read – Naagin 5 September 26, 2020 Written Update: Mayuri Makes Plan To Kill Bani Through Veer, Hallucinates Jay To Kill Adi Naagin

Jay holds Bani’s hand and starts to walk with her as they leave for home but Bani and Jay’s eyes meet leaving Veer heartbroken. Mayuri comes to Ponty’s room and as Ponty gets into his senses, he remembers that Mayuri pushed him down the stairs. Jay asks Mayuri how Bani got out of the house. He then goes to Bani’s room and puts vermillion on her head and mangalsutra on her neck. Jay enters Cheel temple and the eagle god tells him about his target. Eagle god tells him that because of him Veer doesn’t remember anything about the Satyug and on his orders, Shukla hid the hourglass. The god also reminds him that the hourglass has started working again and he has the time till the next full moon night and then Veer will remember everything.

On the other hand, Veer and Bani get into a tug of war.

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