Nikki Tamboli Calls Rahul Vaidya ‘Ghatiya Aadmi’

Bigg Boss 14 October 30 Written Updates: The episode starts with Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik’s anger towards each other. Eijaz gets emotional and cries out loud as he expresses his anger over Kavita’s words. Kavita can be seen talking to Abhinav and Rubina about Eijaz that he used her and not having any friends. When Eijaz cries, Nikki, Naina, and Shardul try to calm him down. Eijaz says he doesn’t go into a relationship because he doesn’t understand people. Also Read – Gauahar Khan Enjoys Her Day Out on a Beach in a White Swimsuit worth Rs 2.5K

Rubina, Kavita and Nishant are nominated Also Read – Kumar Sanu Blames His Ex-Wife For Jaan’s Upbringing Over Marathi Language Controversy in Bigg Boss 14

Tabadla task resumes and Bigg Boss asks Jaan to nominate someone for red zone. He chooses Nishant and comes in green zone. Rahul nominates Jasmin and enters green zone. Pavitra nominates Rubina and enters green zone. This means that Rubina, Kavita, Nishant and Jasmin are nominated for elimination this week. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14 October 29 Episode Major Highlights: Bigg Boss Announces Cracking Twist ‘Tabadla’ Task

Pavitra talks to Nikki about Eijaz and that how Kavita warned her to not get used by Eijaz. Shardul, on the other hand, talks to Eijaz, who reveals he became human after therapy. He talks about Rahul being a bad person too. Nishant talks about how he predicted the Jaan episode. Eijaz reveals that he took decisions during the task only because of loyalty, and is not happy to send Kavita and Jasmin in the red zone.

Kavita and Rubina call Eijaz double dholki

Next day starts with ‘Sauda Khara Khara’ song. Contestants groove with enthusiasm. Eijaz goes to the red zone to ask Jasmin if everything is okay. To which she replied in a sour tone and asks him to not do things for formality. Kavita and Rubina call Eijaz double dholki.

Is Pavitra Punia in LOVE?

Kavita, Jasmine and Rubina laugh as they discuss that Pavitra has started playing a new song ‘Mein prem ki deewani hu’. Pavitra requests red zone contestants to keep her clothes on chair. But no one picked it. Nishant get into a spat with Pavitra on the same. Pavitra gets upset and is crying when Eijaz approaches her. He is confused about why is she crying a lot. Punia gives Eijaz a hug, the actor asks Pavitra if she is falling in love with him?

Eijaz Khan is Self-obsessed

Eijaz flaunts his abs. Kavita calls him self-obsessed. When Nikki and Jaan give each other a hug, the other team calls it fake. Eijaz clears his feelings with Pavitra. She tells that she is attached to him, while he says that he is not in the BB 14 house for love.

Garnier Men challenge task

Bigg Boss gives Jaan, Shardul, and Abhinav the Garnier Men challenge task. Jaan is the first one to take tasks, followed by Abhinav and Shardul. As Shardul takes a lot of time, Bigg Boss asks Abhinav and others to help him. Jaan Kumar Sanu becomes the winner.

Rahul is a ‘ghatiya’ aadmi          

Nikki expresses her anger against Rahul for his unacceptable behaviour. He didn’t like the way Rahul called her. Nikki feels that Jasmin and Rubina were right that Rahul is a ‘ghatiya’ aadmi.

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