At the beginning of the 2021/22 season, Return of Salernitana played their first game in the elite division of Italian football after 22 years. You can easily follow today scores of this team and its rivals on the sports statistics website, where information about all the Serie A matches is available in full. Return of Salernitana-

Let us note that Salernitana is a club with rather modest ambitions and financial capabilities. Therefore, entering the Serie A is a huge achievement for them. It became possible due to:

  1. High-quality work of the coaching staff headed by Stefano Colantuono. The coach and his team have done a tremendous job, which allowed the club to bypass even more eminent and wealthy competitors like Mozza for the right to play in the top division.
  2. Teamwork, as every footballer is well aware of his role on the field. Thanks to this, there were practically no misfires in the team’s actions.
  3. Motivation. It was clear that Salernitana members do their best in every match. In the end, it contributed to the chance to compete in the Serie A.

But today the scores of the club in the elite leave much to be desired. Star veterans like Franck Ribery, on whom the club’s management relies, don’t help either.

It is clear that the main task of the team in the 2021/22 campaign  is not to leave the division. You can track it on the sports statistics website. It provides only relevant and reliable information.

Success factors for the team

Salernitana is a distinctive team that doesn’t have a cool lineup but often achieves a positive result due to motivation and strong will. Based on the Serie A fixtures, we can say that it will definitely not be easy for the team. Direct competitors are very strong and are ready to do their best in every match. The same is required of the Salernitana’s players.

In general, the very fact of entering the Serie A is already a colossal achievement for the team with very modest financial resources. But the club will clearly not give up just like that and will try to keep a place in the elite. It might benefit from the fact that a number of direct competitors are not stable and cannot boast of cool lineups. First of all, we are talking about Cagliari, Venice, and Spezia.

However, this is football and there is always a chance for unexpected results. But appetite comes while eating. Therefore, now players are required to be extremely focused and ready to demonstrate their maximum.

Meanwhile, fans can study fixtures of the Serie A matches. Surely you will find many interesting events in Italy that take place regularly and literally in every round.