A Romanian monolith vanishes mysteriously after appearing on a hillside, and the news of it becoming viral. The Local media is reporting that the monolith was already missing by Sunday, October 29. However, there is no hint regarding who took it. According to the locals, they saw some strange lights and movements after which the monolith was gone.

The mysterious monolith was present on the Batca Domnei plateau, and Ziar Piatra Neamt, a Romanian news outlet, confirms the same. The monolith structure awas something around 9.8 feet and 13.1 feet in length and was of pure metal. Moreover, it was very close to the Petrodava, an ancient fortress. The monolith vanishing news became viral just after another very similar one was discovered in a remote Utah desert. Therefore, there is a lot of speculation regarding how the monolith reached there.

Another structure, like the Romanian monolith, vanishes mysteriously.

On the other hand, the whole story takes another turn when the Bureau of Land Management in Utah confirms that the monolith is no more present in the desert. According to their report, too, there is no clarity regarding who took it. Another team says that the monolith was an illegal structure, and some anonymous person took it. This structure’s approximate height was 12 feet, and the raw material was some metal again.

Later, a state wildlife team spotted the monolith while they were counting sheep from a helicopter. Soon, everyone starts finding similarities of this structure with a slab in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” It was a film by director Stanley Kubrick that hit the screens in 1968. Despite an attempt to keep the monolith’s location a secret, many people got the news and were flocking to see the structure. Some of the officials seem offended due to the visitors leaving behind human waste on the monolith site.