If you are looking for an evening of scare and fearful anticipation, stick on a classic horror film, you will be sure to spend the rest of your evening, and maybe even the following days, absolutely on edge. We are guaranteed to find some of the classics on our TV screens through live TV channels, which is even better when you can eradicate the selection process. Click here for TV aerial installation. However, if you find yourself searching through streaming platforms or even purchasing a timeless DVD, here are some of the best horror films you should consider watching.  

The Exorcist (1973) 

This 1970s horror film presents us with a spine-chilling face we will never forget. When young Regan, the daughter of actress Chris Macneil begins to speak of her imaginary friend “Mr. Howdy” we already know how this film is going to go. Demonstrating unusual behaviour, she begins to morph into a monster, confined to her bed space with a sinister demonic force inside her. As the devil insists that he will remain within Regan’s body until she is dead, the help of a catholic priest may be the only chance she has to escape the possession.  

Halloween (1978) 

Ok, although there are twelve films within the Halloween movie franchise, you cannot beat the authenticity of the 1978 classic film that started the success. If you are brave enough to watch all twelve films, be sure to start with the original to watch the madness and evilness of the famous Michael Myres unfold. We can even hear his daring background sound after saying his name! After escaping a sanitarium, after being locked up for fifteen years following the murder of his sister, Myres returns to his hometown for a killing spree with nothing but knives, ropes, his white mask, and a stolen boiler suit.  

The Boy (2016) 

If you love those scary doll horrors, The Boy is a must-watch for you. When Greta, a nanny from Montana takes on a job watching, what she believes is a young boy, in the UK, she is shocked when she is requested by Mr. and Mrs. Heelshires to look after their son, a life-size porcelain doll. As you can imagine, Greta believes the strict rules for looking after the doll, named Brahmn’s, are bizarre. However, when the home becomes eerie and the doll starts to move around while she isn’t watching, she realises that she has made the wrong choice.  

Scream (1996) 

The epitome of slasher films has got to be the much-loved Scream. As one of the best horror films ever, the success led to a further four films, the most recent one being released this year in 2022. Following the main character, Sidney Prescott, as she is targeted by a violent killer in a ghost face mask, everyone around her begins to disappear from brutal stabbings from the anonymous killer. Even with a process of elimination, it is extremely hard to decipher who the killer actually is, and after watching the film you may be in shock to see the face behind the recognisable mask.  

The Ring (2002) 

The whisper of the word “seven days” is frightening enough to give anyone a chill down their spine. In a film that combines a cursed videotape, a love for horses, suicide, and the certainty of being killed within seven days of watching eerie footage, the blood-curdling image of Samara will forever be in the minds of those viewers who watch The Ring.  

Mama (2013) 

Ok, if you are looking to be petrified, Mama is a must-watch. When Jeffrey Desange, a stockbroker who loses everything following the 2008 financial crisis, kills his colleagues and wife, he takes his younger daughters to a cabin in an attempt to kill himself, and them too. When he is killed by a shadow figure, the ghost character, known as Mama, establishes her presence. The young girls are discovered years later after being taken care of by the supernatural force. However, regaining the girls again is not as easy as it seems, especially when Mama’s past unfolds.  

Paranormal Activity (2007) 

Luckily for us, the producers of the original Paranormal Activity believed that the live camera footage in the original Paranormal Activity film wasn’t spooky enough and decided to add to the best horror films list by giving us a further seven films. But the original is where you should always start. When Katie and Micah move into their new suburban home in San Diego, they are made aware of a demonic force haunting Katie. By setting up camera footage, they capture and view the alarming footage as the demon continues to affect Katie more and more as the days go on. The haunting blue camera footage is sure to give you a real-life scare as the producers have made the film feel so real in this present-day environment.