Do you like to keep yourself abreast with ‘all-things-technical’ related to teaching and education? You are one those teachers who is excited to share the latest technology they have with their students.

These are the top 11 education technology tools you should look for in 2022.

The pandemic created a new scenario of “School-from home”. Online classes, online exams and competitions, in addition to online admissions or interviews, were all common features within schools. What technology is required to accomplish all of these things?

HMH, a company that specializes on educational tech, asked teachers for their opinions about the use and impact of edTech inside their classrooms. Their Educator Confidence Report 2021 reveals that 95% surveyed educators believed technology had benefits. 71% claimed greater student engagement, 77% reported that edTech will enhance their teaching effectiveness and 77% stated that edTech will help them teach more effectively.

Promethean, an education tech company, reports that 9/10 UK educators believe education and technology can be and should be combined. Yi Hsuan Wang’s research. (Dept. According to Tamkang University Department of Educational Technology Virtual Reality is expected to be a $700million industry by 2025.

Technology and education don’t last forever. But they will stay around for the long haul. The online tools can be used as a tool to improve and maintain your education. Whether you want to plan the best classroom educational lessons; develop quizzes and assessing processes for your students; prepare teaching slides; explain a topic or just want to improve your student-teacher-parent interaction and communication, do my matlab homework, these new educational technology tools come in handy. You can learn more about 11 educational technologies that will be free for power-user teachers by 2022.

1. Kahoot

This tool is currently ranked 7th of 40 top educational tech tools for 2020. Kahoot was already used by 50% US teachers.

Kahoot is a popular online educational game-creating software for teachers. Online trivia games and quizzes can be created in any topic or any language. To simplify the process, here is a quick tutorial for teachers on Kahoot.

2. Pear Deck

EdSurge selected Pear Deck to be one of the Top 10 School Tools. It is an online tool which allows teachers and students create fantastic classroom presentations using Google slides. Google slides can be used to create presentations. Pear Deck has the expertise and ease to make interactive and engaging slides. For more information, please watch the video.

3. Canva

This is a true treasure. Canva is a great tool to help teachers. This educational technology tool lets you create lesson planning, create worksheets, create teacher slides, and record videos. Canva has created the following Math video lessons.

This new edTech technology can also be used in higher education. This is the way Canva can benefit teachers in education.

4. Interactive Whiteboard: Everything Explained

There are many online whiteboards. However, this interactive whiteboard offers a wide variety of functions that teachers can use. Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard allows audio, videos, PDF’s, or other media to be embedded in your lecture. These can also be recorded and shared later with students.

5. Poll everywhere

This class is designed for students who don’t want to be in live classes. Poll Everywhere hosts online and virtual meetings. Students who are introverted can interact with you by giving and getting asynchronous answers in class. Teachers and students both have the option to anonymously provide feedback and respond. This is a powerful educational technology tool that can also be used by students at higher education institutions and professors.

6. Anchor

Podcasts provide the best way of learning, teaching, and motivating. Triton Digital and Edison Research did a study and discovered that podcasts have been used by 116,000,000 people each month. If you are an educator, your voice could reach millions. This is a community where teachers can share experiences and stories. Anchor allows teachers to create podcasts and have their voices heard.

7. Edpuzzle

It is more than just a puzzle-making platform. Edpuzzle allows the creation of educational videos using their video tutorials. You can trim and add voiceovers to the video, as well as ask students questions. If they do not answer all the questions correctly, they will be unable to continue in the lesson.

Final Takeaway

Teachers with technology skills are critical for the current education system. It is essential that digitally-savvy educators be available to teach in the new classrooms. EdTech can enhance teacher productivity, save time, improve teacher productivity, and allow teachers to be more efficient. Because of the uncertainty and educational gaps that have been created by the pandemic education, the next academic year 2022 is likely to be filled with many new challenges and changes. Only educators who have the ability to work together in educational technology can succeed. Your enthusiasm and keen interest for the use of educational technology tools within the classroom are already a significant advantage over other educators. If you need to prepare an essay on this topic and more, you can order cheap essay writing services. These 7 educational technology tools are yours for 2022.