The concepts of blocking and unblocking are often confusing for first-time users. Let’s talk about what “phone unlocked” means and briefly tell you how you can unlock it yourself. The concept of blocking a mobile device may mean that it has a special power-on password. However, most often, it implies binding to a certain telecom operator. In other words, the phone can only work with a SIM-card of any operator. Usually, we are talking about the iPhone from the United States. If it is imported into the Russian Federation through official channels, the device is most likely unlocked. This article gives you full-on information on what is an unlocked phone.

The problem of blocking is faced by those who become the owners of “gray” phones (most often, they work only with the AT&T operator).

  • To check if your iPhone is unlocked, you first need to find out your IMEI number. You can find this identifier in the item “About device” (“Settings”> “General”) or by dialing the combination * # 06 #.
  • Having found it out, you should use the service.
  • In the line “Enter IMEI,” enter the identifier.
  • We press the check button (“Check”) and see various data about the phone.
  • The next step: click “Free simlock status check,” after which the site should check the iPhone linking against the database.
  • If the device is unlocked, “Unlocked” should be displayed. service is free, and you can use it without a credit card. If necessary, we create an account in advance.

The next verification method is even easier. This requires a second SIM card. Disconnect iPhone. Using a special paper clip, remove the SIM card and install another mobile operator’s SIM card. We turn on the device and try to make a call to another subscriber.

The sequence of actions for unlocking

  • are ready to help with unlocking a mobile device for a small amount.
  • Otherwise, there is a high probability that the iPhone will subsequently cause some trouble.
  • There is the possibility of purchasing unlocks online – for example, through eBay. The main thing is to find a seller about whom there are many positive reviews.
  • You will also need to pre-register on eBay, preferably – registration in the PayPal payment system (its use will protect against unscrupulous sellers).
  •  In the notes, when buying on eBay, we indicate our IMEI.
  • Suppose the seller has already unlocked the mobile device. You need to turn it off and install a SIM card from another operator (which did not work before).
  • Then you should connect the iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes and wait until the program reads the phone. Then wait another 10 seconds and reconnect the iPhone. iTunes should display a successful activation notification.

An unlocked phone on Aliexpress or eBay – what does it mean?

Their purchase allows you to save significantly. However, it is important to read the descriptions in detail. This will help you understand what to expect from your purchase. Sometimes a carefully examined product can raise questions. So, not everyone knows what an unlocked phone on “Aliexpress” means.

Few terms

You can buy such a device much cheaper.  As a result, the price can be reduced by 5-10%. By purchasing such a phone, the client can save money. However, a person will have to use the services of a specific operator.

On AliExpress or eBay, you can find devices that have to unlock in the description. There are no more than 3% of such offers on the sites. After the flashing procedure, the phones begin to work with other mobile operators. The offer attracts buyers with its price. As a result, many turn a blind eye to interference with the device’s memory. This model continues to be new, not used by anyone.

The method allows you to purchase a branded smartphone, for which a mechanical intervention procedure has been performed.

  • Marriage
  • Scratch
  • Non-commodity view.
  • Other problems.

The buyer can always find out what is wrong with the phone. To do this, write to the seller if the device that arrived has obvious defects or does not work. So it is permissible to open a dispute or write a complaint. However, it is important to respect the Buyer Protection Timelines.

Should I buy

Having figured out what an unlocked iPhone means. So you need to figure out whether it is worth purchasing such a device. The method allows you to save money. The original price of the product can be prohibitive for many people. Therefore, the option of purchasing an unlocked device seems to be more successful. However, the question arises about originality. Apple is at its peak. Therefore, there are many fakes.

This is the only way to form an opinion. Crafts come in different qualities. You can distinguish it from the original by the condition and appearance of the back cover and the logo. On copies, you can open the cover. There are quite a few SIM card slots. This suggests that the products are fake.

The use of the method is risky. The phone may come in a terrible state or not work at all. In this case, opening a dispute or writing a complaint will also help. By purchasing a refurbished or unlocked phone, the customer provides funds for work devices.

Selection process

Having found out what an unlocked iPhone means, a person will understand that such a purchase is rather ambiguous. However, you can protect yourself as much as possible. To do this, you should follow several rules:

  • Be sure to consider the product’s characteristics if it is not indicated that the phone has been refurbished. So its price is very different from the market price, which indicates that the device is fake.
  • The modification must be specified in the order. Otherwise, the seller can send the goods at his own discretion. Additionally, it is worth reflecting on the color.
  • You can enter the region in which the phone will be used. Not all application forms require this information to be entered.
  • It’s important to read reviews from other users carefully. They can tell a lot about the seller’s integrity.

It is better first to determine the desired device model and then sort the sellers by rating. The number of positive reviews and ratings acts as a kind of trust indicator in a particular supplier.

Can I open a dispute?

An unlocked phone on eBay or AliExpress may not be as advertised. In this situation, it is permissible to send a complaint or open a dispute. You can count on meeting the phone’s requirements came with damage to the screen or case and did not work at all. Refurbished phones are subject to classic rules. Smartphones should function normally.

Unlocked phones

Some phone models (the iPhone is a prime example) are sold in some countries by contract. Relatively speaking, the phone is pre-stitched for a certain telecom operator. A person buys it at a meager price (5-10% of the original cost). But he is assigned credit obligations for the minimum amount. As for how normal such models are, we cannot say. It is better to clarify it in specialized forums. You can ask the seller about this, but it is better to check the information elsewhere.

Refurbished phones

Phones with such a mark on the site are not more than 2-3%. The seller can fix the breakdown, and it will already be like new. But not directly from the factory’s assembly line.

To buy or not to buy such phones is exclusively your business, but you nevertheless decide to do this. And to be sure to write to the seller with a request to tell more about the phone and the mark.

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Should you buy phones like this? If the difference between a normal smartphone and an unlocked / restored one is small, it is better not to risk it. Otherwise, you can do this, but remember that you take all the risks yourself. And, most importantly, always make these purchases from highly rated sellers.

Advantages and disadvantages: What Is An Unlocked Phone

Let’s put it briefly: the main advantage of such gadgets is the low price and availability, and the disadvantage is that the buyer does not know what happened to the smartphone before and why it was restored.

According to the first scenario, the case’s color did not fit, or the buyer wanted more built-in memory. Or maybe the former owner’s smartphone fell on the asphalt and completely crashed. Agree. Not everyone wants to buy a previously broken gadget.

Should you buy a smartphone “like new”?

With refurbished smartphones, you can never guess. There is always a risk of buying a device that is not 100 percent serviceable. Of course, if the smartphone started causing problems immediately after the purchase, it can be easily exchanged for another device. Because the main thing is, keep your receipts and know your rights.

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How to choose a refurbished smartphone?

If you decide to buy a refurbished smartphone, it is important to consider several factors. The packaging of such devices usually has an inscription indicating who restored the smartphone. It is necessary to give preference to the inscription Manufacturer Refurbished.

Also, on the boxes, there may be an inscription Seller refurbished. This means that the seller repaired the device himself.  It is important to be careful because devices with such a mark can be found in large online stores and on AliExpress or eBay. Buying remanufactured equipment on the last two sites, you are simply taking a “pig in a poke.”

Unfortunately, now there is a large number of scammers. Some of them even buy whole batches of refurbished gadgets of dubious quality and sell them “like new.” Of course, upon close inspection. The buyer may notice that something is wrong with the smartphone. But here, you need to be careful.

If you decide to purchase a refurbished device, we recommend giving preference to an official manufacturer.

Apple set the trend for the so-called refurbished phones. These smartphones are just wildly popular. Well, what about Samsung? South Korean corporation has never been against good ideas and after some time, refurbished Samsung Galaxy also appeared in its range.

Phone Blocked by Operator?: What Is An Unlocked Phone

If you recently bought a phone from someone and noticed that it is an operator locked. So this article will fix the problem. The first problem is to try to understand which network. Therefore, which operator has blocked the phone.

Operator blocking can take place on any phone, both Android and iPhone-based phones. An operator can block a telephone because a contract was stipulated during the sale that obliged. The telephone’s use with that particular operator. Having said that, one issue must be clarified immediately: not all phones locked by the operator are “unlockable.”

Having made this necessary clarification, let’s see now, both in iOS and Android devices, how to find out which operator has blocked the phone and how to unlock it!

iPhone Operator Locked: What Is An Unlocked Phone

In the iPhone case, even if there is no SIM card inside or it has not been activated, you can still find out which network the device was recently connected to or by going to the device settings. First, go to Settings, click on General, and then on About. Scroll down to find these two items:

Network: This is the currently active network, if available. This will show blank if there is no active network or no SIM card inserted.

If you still can’t figure out who is the operator who blocked your current iPhone. Then go to the site, enter the IMEI of your iPhone (if you don’t know how to do it, read how to find the iPhone IMEI ). And you can understand the status of your iPhone.

Suppose the operator locks the iPhone and is neither a stolen iPhone nor an iPhone locked. Due to unpaid installments. You can unlock it by following this guide: unlock iPhone locked by the operator.

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Android Phone Operator Blocked

The easiest way to check if a phone is locked is to insert another carrier’s SIM card. Suppose the phone receives a signal with this SIM card.  And you are free to use it with any network you wish.

If you don’t have an alternate SIM card from another operator to test, you can use a web service. In fact, through the Android phone’s IMEI number, it is possible to check the “lock” status. If you have trouble finding the IMEI number, you can find it by typing * # 06 #, or read the following article: How to find IMEI on Android.

Once you have verified that your Android phone is actually carrier-locked, so there are two possible solutions to get the unlock:

  • Solution 1: Contact the assistance of your telephone operator (Wind, Vodafone, Tim, Tre, etc …) and explain in detail your situation and ask for the unblocking (if it is feasible)
  • Solution 2: If you have a foreign Android phone in your hands that is blocked on the country’s operator network. The only possibility to solve the problem is to use a (paid) service that does all the checks on behalf of yours. If it is a stolen phone or with unpaid installments, the situation becomes complicated. In this article, you can understand. How to unlock a Samsung mobile operator-lock from another country.