People sometimes pass by a house and wonder who lives there. There are some moments when you would like to check someone’s background, but only you have their house address. At that time, a reverse address lookup tool can do wonders. The reverse address lookup tool is the one that provides instant knowledge about people’s identity with their home address. who lives at this address free search? 

You may require reverse address lookup software if you would like to check who lives in your neighbourhood. One can also find out the criminal background of people through the home address. You can seek out people who have lived at the address.

Furthermore, it helps you to know about criminals living at your house as tenants. Similarly, one can use the reverse email lookup on any address to investigate its records before purchasing it. In this article, you’ll learn how to find out who lives at this address.

What is Address Lookup?

An address lookup is counted when any user clicks on an address provided within the Address Finder drop-down list. Before this click, the user will start to input the address details. AddressFinder searches its records for addresses that match the small print input. You will get the most closely matched results displayed inside a drop-down list.

The searching and display of addresses is a component of the method, but you can’t count it as an address lookup. Only the press on an address inside the drop-down box is counted as an address lookup.

Even though the information is easier to access than ever, finding a free address lookup site can be challenging because people often do not know where to search.  Simply typing an individual or business name into Google will get you results, but the problem is that it may get you so many products that you are unsure which one is correct.  With a free address lookup service, you can narrow down all of those results, helping you find the person or business you want to see without getting bogged down in extraneous information.  That makes it easier to send that thank you card, surprise someone with a gift, look up how to get to a party, find a relative, or even check out a property you consider purchasing.

A reverse address lookup application needs minimum information, but it should be correct. The user needs to enter the valid address, colony, street number, and state to run this service.

Here are the top three best address lookup services available online.

  • CocoFinder – Get accurate results in one click
  • Intelius – In-depth Report within Seconds
  • TruthFinder – Disclose the Truth through Multiple Features

CocoFinder who lives at this address free search

CocoFinder is the best reverse address lookup service that serves about 1 million people around 195+ countries. Infamous news brands like 9to5Mac, PCWorld, TechRadar, and TechTimes have acknowledged the application as the best application. CocoFinder performs many services to help users in finding their lost friends. Besides this, the application has many vital points, which makes it the absolute choice of people. Here, we’ll witness how CocoFinder plays such an important role.

  • Transparency

CocoFinder is fort-right with its policy. It informs the user that he can’t misuse the application under the compliance of FCRA. The application explains that he cannot use it against someone to block him from specific job vacancies.

  • Variety of Search Parameters

CocoFinder is versatile and performs several features to search people through its interface. The application performs unlimited background checks on the target. If you don’t have your target’s address, email address, or phone number, you can find his complete identity by just entering his name.

  • Functions on Both iOS and Android

The app works on both Android phones and iOS. It performs directly from its webpage. You need only to put the name of the target person in the search bar. There is no hindrance to use any specific website or device. 

Seek out Who Lives on This Address with a Free Address Search

Here, we’ll acknowledge how CocoFinder performs to gain the righteous information of the target and how to seek out who lives at an address for free.

Step 1: Since the address lookup works directly from the online web page of the app, you’ve got to go over to the website of CocoFinder. Tap on the “Address lookup” tab on the homepage search bar.

Step 2: Enter the complete and accurate address of the property where you would like to run the lookup service. Then, click on the ‘Start Search’ button.

Step 3: CocoFinder will seek out and show multiple profiles that match the given information. Tap on the shape and find out data of your interest.

CocoFinder Official Website:

Check these address lookup services: supplies you with all of the information you need to get the full scope of someone’s background. With’s reverse address lookup tool, all you need is their current or past address to learn more. You can also find someone’s address with other information – like their phone number, name, or email address.

When looking up someone’s address on, you’ll learn several things. First and foremost, the report will show you who lives in the house and how long they’ve been there. Additionally, you’ll learn details about the home, like its size, location, and some tax information.

Keep in mind that doesn’t give you the full report right away. Instead, you get tidbits of information until you choose to open the full report. Luckily, is more affordable than most competitors for a detailed report.

TruthFinder – 

It provides fast, accurate results at lower rates.

You can use the Truthfinder reverse address lookup service to browse city and state or search for the exact address. The results show the first and last names of all possible residents, past and present, with their ages and possible relatives.

Select Open Report next to any name within the list of results to read more about the person, including criminal record. 


Intelius supplies tidbits of information for free, but you’ll need to pay for anything else. Go to the link, type the address in the Current or Previous Address text box, then enter the town and state in the city and state text box.

The reverse address lookup results from Intelius disclose the bedroom count, the house and lot size square footage, and the year when the owner had built the house.

You can get more information like the home value, ownership information, contact details, residents in the household, and information about neighbours for a small fee.

INFOTRACER.COM on who lives at this address free search

Another easy method to do a reverse address lookup to seek out a list of names for those who live at any address is It takes a minute to gather the characters, the current and past residents, ages, etc. 

You can have additional information by building a report, but that is not free of charge.

Other Solutions to Reverse Address Lookup

Besides CocoFinder, there are other methods to find out information about your target present on the public platform. However, these approaches do not precisely compete with CocoFinder in providing up-to-date data.

Social Media Handles:

Social media services handles are the primary source of information to people. If the target adds information such as his workplaces, photos, educational institutes, and other social handles’ links, he’ll easily access them. This approach has a limitation since it only works if the target is available on the platform and has a public profile.

Address Lookup Websites:

There are other address lookup websites available also that claim to supply information about people. In general, they work precisely as CocoFinder, i.e., by requiring the name, address, email, and phone number of the target person. Some apps claim to supply a demo before buying the subscription. However, not all apps offer up-to-date and factual data.

Whitepages people search:

Whitepages gives the highest free search and tenant screening app online with contact information for over 2 and 50  million people, including telephone numbers and complete background check data compiled from public records, white pages, and other directories in 50 states. It provides answers to over 2 million searches every day, helping 35 M people monthly to seek out a person.

With Whitepages, the old phone book standby is on the web and prepared to fulfil your information needs. Please enter the address you’re investigating, and Whitepages comes back with who lives there, their phone number, the owner’s estimated age, other associated addresses, and a map of the neighbourhood.

This basic information is free, but check out the sponsored links on the results page if you want more.

Whitepages is constantly refining the data to bring you the most accurate, valid, and broad-reaching data possible, and we have been perfecting the capabilities since 1997. Few data changes more frequently, while other data is more challenging to seek out and ensure accuracy. It leads to why you’ll find some contact data for free, while other data comes at a cost, like cell phone numbers.

Whitepages Premium offers both one-time access and monthly subscriptions for premium data.

How to find someone’s current address

You can get their current address with Whitepages People Search in a few simple steps if you know a person’s name. Follow the below steps:

1st Step: Choose People Search from the search box at the top of the web page to begin your search.

2nd Step: Enter the person’s name, including first or last name. Don’t be anxious if you forget how to spell their name correctly; its search algorithms will search for other spellings.

3rd Step: Enter a location inside the search box. If you know the present city or state where they live or where they lived earlier, add that to your search. Employing a city and state is best, and a zipcode works too. However, if you do not know their location, leave the location box empty. It will still be able to help you find the person you’re searching for. 

4th Step: Tap the search option or press enter on your keyboard.

5th Step: Choose the person of interest from the results page; if there are many results for you to search through easily, tap the “show filters” link and adapt a filter to narrow your results. For instance, you’ll limit your search by location and even age.

Step 6: Find the person’s address on the small print page, along with other contact information.

You will find your current address and other basic contact information available for free of charge. If you need additional premium data like entire address history and property information, you’ll purchase this from Whitepages Premium during a few quick steps.

FAQs on who lives at this address free search:

1. How do I seek out who lives at an address?

Answer: Knowing more about the persons who reside at a given address is as easy as running an online search using the reverse address lookup. The results might include residents’ names, ages, associates, relatives, and further public profile information.

2. Can I find people for free on Whitepages?

Answer: Over 35 million users a month use Whitepages to seek out people, phone numbers, and addresses. Anyone can use Whitepages for free of charge to find people in the United States. Basic contact information, including residential telephone numbers and addresses, is available for free of charge. Premium information, such as cell phone numbers, is available for purchase and included for subscribers.

3. Can I look up public records by using someone’s address?

Answer: You can search for public records on people who reside at any address in the US. Findings will be included in an instantly available online report covering a wealth of knowledge, from court files and criminal charges to arrests and beyond.

4. Can I find a person by address?

Answer: Checking out residents and people connected to an address is straightforward with a reverse address search. Enter the address, begin your search, and explore the results. You will find the names of householders, residents, and tenants. If you’re looking for additional contact information, tap on the person’s name. You can further explore the neighbourhood and see who else lives nearby.

Conclusion on who lives at this address free search

The article has concluded the ways to find who lives at this address without him knowing. With the above tools, people can find their lost ones by adding their home address, email address, name, or phone number. Moreover, if you would like to know someone but can only recall his house address, where he doesn’t live anymore, you’ll still identify him.

By putting his past house address, you can find his identities like name, social accounts, complete current address, and phone number. Anyhow, there is a method more explained procedure to seek out people through their least-known information. Anybody who reads it can get factual knowledge.