The entertainment laws are complex to the extent that most musicians end up in lawsuits they never expected. If you choose to join the music industry, John Branca suggests hiring a top attorney to help you maneuver the complex law. This will prevent you from getting into unnecessary lawsuits that might cost you a lot of money and privileges as explained in his Harvard interview.

When you choose to write songs for a living, many people will aim to make money using your intellectual property. In most cases, musicians are duped into making deals with people whose aim is to benefit from the musician’s money. The complexity of entertainment laws causes these cases. Therefore, a musician needs to hire an entertainment attorney to safeguard their intellectual property. Entertainment attorneys have a lot of experience and knowledge in dealing with related lawsuits.

Many musicians tend to think that they do not need a lawyer because they have managers controlling their careers. This assumption is wrong because every musician needs to safeguard their rights. This is some of the information that your music manager will not tell you. Their main aim is for you to make them money. Therefore, you will need a lawyer to offer you all the necessary help you might need.

If you play in a rock band that is about to become famous, you can imagine the number of T-shirts printed to praise the rock band. If you have not registered your band name as a trademark, you might face challenges to maneuver the fame. An entertainment attorney will provide you with all the help you need to register your band name.

Once you have landed a record deal, you should not be duped by the excitement of signing deals that you do not know much about. Lawyers from Harvard and other reputable law schools have a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of law. These lawyers will, therefore, read the contract to ensure that it is fair and enforceable. You should not sign any contract before you discuss its terms with the lawyers. Many musicians have found themselves in compromising situations because they signed contracts that they did not understand. There are many affordable lawyers that you can hire to ensure you are making the right decisions during your music career. If you have been in the industry for a long, you probably know how important it is to consult an entertainment lawyer.