Nowadays, entertainment delivery systems are on a path of progress and constant innovation. Year by year, these systems grow to bring even more convenience to viewers. People can choose between different entertainment carriers to get the best programming on their connected television sets. You see, no home is complete without a television, which keeps you hooked to the latest blockbuster content and helps you relax after a long day at work. You can subscribe to traditional cable, go for streaming TV or get a mix of both to stay entertained regardless of time and space. If you want a spectacular cable feed at home, then there is no better carrier than Cox cable TV, which delivers local, national, international, and top-tier premium channels to your display, along with a Contour TV app, voice remote, and DVR. On the other hand, if you are more into streaming services, then you’ll find Apple TV to be the best streaming TV carrier in the biz. What is Apple TV and why should you invest in it this year? Let’s check what you need to know about Apple TV on its features and functionality.

What is Apple TV?

In simple words, Apple TV is a streaming box, manufactured by Apple Inc. It is a small device, which receives digital audio and video data from sources and plays it on a television screen. To use Apple TV with your HDTV, you need to have only one piece of hardware: HDMI cable. Plug one end of the cable into your Apple TV micro-console and the other end into the TV, switch the television input to the right HDMI port, and access Apple TV content. Apple TV usually runs streaming applications, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and Movies Anywhere, which are pre-installed into it. You can also find Apple’s signature TV app on Apple TV, which is needed for tapping into the vast Apple TV+ streaming library. Moreover, Apple TV has no built-in controls. You can use the Apple/Siri remote, the Apple TV Remote app, or other third-party controllers to navigate the settings and the software applications. 

How many Apple TV Generations are there?

You might be surprised to hear that Apple TV has been in the market since 2007. Its first-generation console was released 14 years ago on January 9, 2007, and its latest, or the sixth generation came out in May 2021. While the first console cost $299, Apple TV 4K with 64 GB storage has a relatively affordable price tag of $199, which is half the price and 10x more optimized performance. The most popular Apple TV models are Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. Apple TV 4K puts the cherry on top by transmitting video in the full 2160p resolution or 4K picture quality on your 4K TV, which renders deeper colors, faster frame-per-second rate, larger-than-life contrast, and more features, making the characters jump out of the screen. This is why it has such a huge demand, these days. Apple knows how to make its streaming boxes out-of-this-world. 

What are the Features of Apple TV?

The latest generation Apple TV is Apple TV 4K, which was rolled out just a month or so ago. This new iteration of the streaming box has tvOS operating system at its core, Apple’s A12 Bionic chip for ultra-superior processing, 64 GB storage capacity and 4 GB RAM, Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB-C port, Micro-USB slot, component video, and optical audio, HDMI and 8,000 total apps, out of which 1,600 are video streaming apps, while 2,000 are gaming apps. Not only that, the micro-console device is inconspicuous. Meaning, it won’t stand out and ruin the look of your entertainment center. Having a 1.4-inch height and a 3.4-inch width, Apple TV 4K is compact enough to fit into your bag. The inputs that this magical device supports include iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Keyboards, Apple Remote, Siri Remote, and Bluetooth gaming controllers, etc. It is the perfect solution to your streaming needs!

Why do you Need Apple TV in 2021?

Now that television technology has become so advanced as to integrate the top streaming apps and even Apple’s TV app into its OS platform, a major question arises: Why would you need Apple’s streaming box in 2021? In other words, when you can launch Netflix from your internet-enabled Samsung smart TV, why pay $199 for Apple TV? The reason is that there are still many uses of this state-of-the-art micro-console, which retain its importance in the market. For starters, Apple TV creates a well-rounded audio experience by letting you connect HomePod speakers to your television set and then, delivering sound over its high-quality Dolby Atmos standard. Next, its smart interface allows you to come up with personalized content profiles for each member of the household and switch between different personas, just like Netflix. You can also play Apple Arcade games only on Apple TV, even if you have the TV app installed on other systems. Got smart home devices from HomeKit? You can control them from your Apple TV, which acts as a home hub. All you have to do is say the command to Siri from your iPhone or the Siri remote. Keep in mind that the Siri remote only works if you have an Apple TV at home. So on and so forth. The benefits and uses of Apple TV are endless, which makes it a wise purchase in the era of smart televisions.

Wrapping Up

Apple TV is a streaming box, but it is also so much more than that. With advanced features and next-gen functionality, Apple TV lets you take control of your entertainment setup and your home devices, as seamlessly as possible.