The IPL in a really short period become one of the most popular and rich leagues not just in India but also in the whole world. For sure cricket’s popularity is not as high as other sports disciplines but still, there are many countries where it’s in the TOP-5. One of the reasons for that growing popularity is also a large number of strong players who show a really quality game. The updated IPL team ratings you will find on the page below. Use this information for forecast preparation and to increase the chances of the big winnings. Also, remember that in cricket betting it is really important to analyze the current form of the players and their motivation. 

Ranking Cricket Teams – TOP 5 the strongest IPL teams 

So there are a few teams in the Indian Premier League with really impressive results and a large number of the trophies that they’ve won. Remember that IPL is the largest sporting event all across the world so here play only the strongest teams and players. But even they have good and tough periods so it’s important to prepare the new forecast before making the first bet on a cricket match. Also, check the current team ranking:

  • 1.  Mumbai Indians – the most successful team in the whole IPL history so there is no surprise that they are the leaders of the ranking. After the team was bought by the Reliance group it become even more strong and more successful. Because of the good financing, the Mumbai Indians can buy the best players not just from domestic tams but also famous foreign cricketers. 
  • 2.  Chennai Super Kings – the second most powerful cricket team with a great history and impressive results. Also, the captain of this team is one of the most successful in the world cricket PRO league. MS Dhoni – this name know even those who are not the professional bettor. The Chennai Super Kings captain won a total of 3 IPL titles and helps his team to become one of the strongest in the world. 
  • 3.  Kolkata Knight Riders – also a TOP-5 team in the whole IPL history. The whole title number of the Kolkata Knight Riders is two (2012 and 2014). But for the last few years, the team become even more strongly so in the next seasons we can see them as a leader of the IPL ranking.  
  • 4.  Rajasthan Royals – under the Shane Warne’s captaincy players of this team got the title in 2008, but after their best result was the 3rd position in the IPL. 
  • SunRisers Hyderabad – the team doesn’t have so many victories in the Indian Premier League as others but still, it’s the strongest team in the league that you can always see in the ranking. For this team, the most successful year was 2016 when they got their first title!

As you can see there are many worthy teams each of which really deserves to become the next Indian Premier League champion. Also almost every year new players appear in the IPL auction and that is affected the match’s outcomes and the teams’ results as well. So always prepare the forecast to make even more winning bets.