The National Safety Council reports that as recent as 2019, the US experienced more than 48 million personal injuries. If you were recently injured, you might be trying to decide if it’s time to hire a personal injury attorney to handle your legal claim. 

If this sounds like you, read further to determine if hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best move you can make. Once you decide, then you can focus on the hard work of recovering your optimal physical health.

What’s a Personal Injury Claim?

When a victim is wounded due to someone else’s careless behavior, they can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover their medical costs. A personal injury claim ranges from dog bites to car accidents to mishaps on the job.

The justice system provides a way for a victim to recover their financial losses with a personal injury attorney’s assistance.

When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney? 

You should consider hiring these lawyers if any of these dynamics apply to your pending case: 

Hospital Treatment for Serious Injuries 

If you have a serious injury from your accident, you should expect some rather steep hospital fees to help you recover. You also might need ongoing medical services in the future. Fees for this type of medical attention are high. 

Disagreement About Who is Responsible

Some US states are deemed at-fault states. This means that victims in these states can only be 49 percent responsible for their injuries if they want to recover their damages. When a dispute arises over who’s at fault, the claim will reach the court system for a jury or judge to decide. 

Call a personal injury attorney if you are a defendant or victim in a legal matter. An injury attorney can help you understand your state’s applicable no-fault laws. 

Injury Caused by Dangerous Roads or in Public Right of Way Areas

Accidents that occur on public roads or properties may involve communication with many agencies. If you’re an accident victim in these kinds of public areas, file your claim with the appropriate city or county governmental office. A personal injury attorney can help write and submit this claim.

If you hurt someone else in these kinds of public areas, both you and the government office that maintains these roads may be liable. That means the injured party could file several suits in court.

A personal injury lawyer will monitor these proceedings and make sure your interests are represented.

Inconsistent Accident, Medical, or Police Records

If there is contradicting information in either the insurance, police or medical reports for your case, your claim might be denied. A personal injury attorney can conduct an independent investigation on your claim and submit their findings and yours to assess what’s contained in these conflicting reports. 

If you see a report that contradicts your own experience, it’s wise to contact a legal professional right away.

You can find more top tips here on the best way to find a legal professional that can represent your case that fits into one of these categories.

What’s Next for You?

Does your injury have these circumstances? If so, then hiring a personal injury attorney is a good move to make. These professionals can manage your claim and guide it through the court system. 

Don’t forget to check out our website for other input on hiring a personal injury attorney. We’re here to help you recover your damages while you travel that long, hard road to recovery.